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Friday, July 3, 2015

Flash Back Friday.... Independence Day

CHEERS! From our family to yours!! 
Taking a little break this week from French Girl Friday. Tomorrow, here in the states it is going to be our Independence Day celebration day. We are a whopping 239 years old... not that old compared to many of my readers who are in Europe, but still a pretty big deal. To my husband, it is a reason to buy as many fireworks as he can afford, and the day he celebrates HIS birthday even tho in actuality his birthday is not for another 12 days! Mine actually comes first!

What my husbands face looks like when
he gets to buy fireworks each year! 
I am actually afraid of fireworks,
can only think of the fire hazards LOL 

The Fourth of July is the celebration of the birth of our nation and our adoption of the Declaration of Independence. Of course that is putting it in the most simple of terms. The holiday can take on so many other meanings to each and every person that live in this country, some of them taking on a very personal meaning and others, well it is a time to show their pride of being an American and having the rights that provides. Some may show it in a simple flag or banners in their yard, in the clothing they wear and others choose to march with others in collective celebration down the streets of their local towns. There is no right or wrong way or even expected way to to show our pride. 

All over the U.S. there will be parades to
celebrate this country we live in.

.....I love a good parade... 

Of course for some I think the true mean takes a back seat and becomes a holiday to see just how much food you can eat and how big of a light show you can create! Not that I am complaining... I like both of these things as well.

My own family look forward to putting on a big spread
full of bbq hot dogs, baked beans and of course watermelon!

I leave the bbq'ing to my hubby 

Each Friday I do a French Girl Friday post...been working on channeling my own inner French girl for years now, and sharing it here, I am always quick to point out that I am also very proud of being an American and am grateful for the life I have may not always be perfect, and I may have a complaint from time to time and I may even wish I lived in France or somewhere else in Europe, but truly when it really comes down to brass tacks, as I said... I am an American.... and shall never deny that.

I may like to channel my inner French girl ,
but I am proud to be an American!


Till Next week....

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