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Friday, July 10, 2015

Fashion Friday, Turning 49 & a Breast Surgery Update

Cheers to all you lovelies who pop
in to visit with me here! 

I know that I said that I would get back to the French Girl Friday posts, and I will, but thought in celebration of my birthday yesterday, when I turned 49 years of age, and today being the 2 month point after my removal of my breast implants and getting my breast lift, I would again depart from FGF, until next week. I do hope that is ok? As a little bonus I thought I would share the photos from my little mini photo shoot I did with my husband yesterday. 

So first things first. My birthday. It started off quietly at home, and me sleeping in. When I finally got up, I awoke to the dining room table being all decorated in pink; it would seem the birthday fairy snuck in and made the table all festive. It was quite the nice surprise! Then my hubby made me cinnamon roll mini waffles and a cup of tea... both were tasty and a special treat was that I got to lick the frosting bowl. We relaxed for awhile, as we had not made any plans, and it was rather gloomy out so we were in no hurry to get dressed. Once we finally decided to venture out, once it was decided that I was really jonesing for a basic grilled cheese and a vanilla malted , we headed to Johnny Rockets to get just that. Once we had finished lunch we decided to go into Old Town Sacramento as hubby said he wanted to buy me a dress, hubby actually made me a gift certificate for one; it was so cute. We popped into a store by the name of Evangeline's, it is a gift/costume store and they happen to have a small selection of vintage inspired dresses. I tried on a couple and ended up with one that I had been wanting for awhile along with a new pair of sunglasses and some floral hair clips as well! Once I was done shopping hubby and I strolled along the boardwalks and he obliged me with taking photos that I usually just share on FB on my page, a style group I belong to and over on Instagram... and now here. Once we were done, as you can see above, we stopped for a glass of wine then headed home. 

Once we got home, hubby quickly fixed a nice French themed supper ( with the help of Trader Joes) and two of our three daughters came over to share it with us. Then it was present time. My youngest surprised me with a beautiful china tea cup with lilacs decorating the outside of it and the saucer, as well as some lovely mini flower hair pins...oh and some sparkly vintage looking earrings. The middle daughter, the same that decorated the table, gifted me with two tickets to go see Dancing With The Stars LIVE! stage show tour... we will be going Sunday.... very exciting, and a great chance to go out, have a nice supper and of course dress up. My oldest sent an Amazon gift card, so you know I will be using that very soon! The day ended with a relaxing cup of sleepy time and snuggling with my wonderful hubby and being quite content. 

So do I feel any different ? No not really. It is just a number and just because it went up does not mean that I suddenly am going to change my current path. I have been re-embracing my love of dressing with a rockabilly/retro/pinup feel to my clothing, I am still growing out my hair and recently added orchid hair color to my bangs (showing a bit of my rebel side I guess LOL) , I have more tattoos planned and I still plan to embrace life and squeeze everything out of it that I can. I will still take one day at a time, I will enjoy the big moments in life and savor the small ones just as much. I will not let my health issues keep me down or bring me down and I will continue to travel down rabbit trails to see what I find and can discover! So that all being said, let's get onto the fashion! 

I have been slowly re-buying and forming my wardrobe to reflect not just my love of all things rockabilly/retro/pin up, as well as a small touch of French flair ( 50's French Flair maybe?), but also to make it reflect my more modest ( yes, I used that word), lady like and classic tastes. It makes for an interesting and slightly different from the younger ladies out there with the same style. I am also careful to have it be a bit more age appropriate by doing so.  I will never be that dowdy older woman that sadly many women slip into, but I am also not going to pretend I am still 20. Funny thing is I actually was much more dowdy in my late 20's and 30's ( at least for a while) while raising my girls, as I thought I was dressing properly for a mom of 3 girls. I eventually got over that idea. Of course I slipped back down a different mind set slippery slope over the last few years when my health took a really sharp turn and not for the better. I gave up all individual style. Many of you know that I dressed 1920's and 30's or at least with a flair and a nod of those eras ( as I always like to mix eras as opposed to being 100 percent) , then I got sicker and well it just really brought me down. When once I was able to bounce back again, I had lost weight and really my fashion identity. I thought I would try the new trend of sporty with an influence of mens- ware, and I made my wardrobe devoid of color as well... something I do from time to time as it is easy to mix and match an all black and white wardrobe...but as I age I really do find (shock) that I desire some color in my wardrobe...and I have really been into floral prints recently. I will never give it all up, black and white that is, but it is taking a backseat. 

Recently I have been obsessed with mint green. Lucky for me I can find shades of it just about everywhere! I was pleased to be given a lovely green cardigan and scarf for Mother's Day, and I own a cute pair of mint green ballet flats, and just the other day I had a pretty green and navy floral skirt arrive... I even found mint colored earrings and a plaid shirt in mint and black. Yesterday's outfit, I took all those things and mixed put them all together. I am quite pleased with the results... the only thing I wish I had was a mint petticoat to wear under the day. So below are the photos... I had a little fun with the photo editor .... I am also pleased with those results. 

So now onto the update about my continued recovery from having my implants removed and my lift. My scars seem to be healing nicely, the one on the bottom is still partially red and sore in places. From time to time I have itching and tingling and yes a bit of pain, it is normal. My right breast scar tissue is breaking up and there is only a small amount, but it is making the bottom of the breast a bit odd shaped.. almost square...hoping that continues to improve. Some complaints, past them being two different shapes, sizes, and sitting at two different levels , as if that is not enough, I have some stitches sticking out. YES! you read that two places I can see the tiny plastic thread, so have put medical tape on them to help them not become irritated, and in one place it is not sticking out, but I can feel it poking me.... I have one more month until my next check up, and I debate calling to go in sooner. Oh and there is also puckering, not really an attractive thing and I was not warned that could happen. Seems I was not warned about a lot of things... and it was not in the paper work. I am still not allowed to wear an under wire, but I can wear a soft cup bra and I wear those when I get dressed up and the rest of the time I wear bralets as they are more comfy. So that is my current status at the two month point. Do I still want, if it is an option, a revision YES! If the doc says he can at least the raise the one I am all in! All that being said I am still very glad that I had the implants removed and though my neck still has issues, it does feel better than it did with the larger breasts. 



  1. Ruby you look amazing; I love your photo shoot!
    Jilly oxo

  2. Love your blog! You look divine in your colorful minty outfit and the hair/bangs is perfect. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy late Birthday, Darling. It is so refreshing to see/discover other people in our community that are closer to my age range. I LOVE all the most popular ladies out there but tend to feel a bit alienated that I am in a different stage of my life and no longer relate to many of the topics. I am so glad to have discovered you!! Also, I have implants and have contemplated having them removed cause of my back issues. I don't believe that they are the cause of my issues. I have degenerative disc disease, have had 2 fusions and am looking at having another one in the next month or 2. But I often wonder if they aren't sometimes making matters worse. Thank you for sharing your experiences, it is greatly appreciated.

    She Knits in Pearls

    1. So lovely to have found you as well...and that we have found each gets sweeter with each new friend. Thanks so much for sharing and for commenting.


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