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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ruby's Musings by Request ~ Makeup Try & Reviews

This week, having fun with makeup!
*image via 

It is time for another Ruby's Musings by Request post! Tuesdays for at least the next two or three weeks are going to be the day I post my try and review posts. I hope that it will become a regular feature. Be it a new wonderful wine I have had the pleasure to drink, at times it might be clothing that I have been asked to try out, and this go around it is all about make up!! Late last week I was chatting with a San Francisco California based  handcrafted and vegan beauty company I follow,  Pin Up Cosmetics, on Instagram; I was asking if they might be getting some of their products up here in the Sacramento area? The chatter went back and forth for a bit and the lovely lady behind the company Aprill Lacey told me to email her and she would send me some free samples...I of course did so right away. I was expecting the typical mini samples, you know the ones, a piece of paper with a dab of something on it and a piece of plastic over the top to seal it? Well much to my surprise and delight, it was full size products!

Isn't her packaging so cute??

I was giddy! Time to play. I first wore the lip gloss. You could tell right away that this was just what the ingredients were from the fragrance.... I could definitely pick up the scent of the olive oil. Now lip gloss is not something I wear a lot of , as an older woman it tends to travel into fine lines, but as I was at home I saw no reason to not try it out. I loved the color, just a hint of rosy red and it felt so nice going on. I left it on all day, and it really did condition my normally dry lips ( too much matte lipstick on this gal). I forgot to take any photos...but in a bit I will explain how I now use it as a final touch on my lips after I apply another product I will chat about. For now, moving on to the blush. 
A little blending and a dusting of finishing powder ,
perfect rosy cheeks!

Isn't that lip color just so pretty??Perfect pucker created with a lip pencil and the gloss.

Pretty in pink eyes and cheeks using
Pin Up Cosmetic' Blushing Betty "Desire"
It held up really good at the car show despite the heat and humidty

The blush color I admit scared me a bit. It is indeed the perfect color for a pin up, but I am still getting used to the stronger make up colors on my cheeks and eyes, having always been a gray shadow and red lips alone kind of gal. I voiced my concerns to Aprill in my email, but told her I would play with it. The packaging once you open it revealed a lovely little powder puff and a shake lid so that you could get just the right amount of the product on you.... well with practice. When I wear blush it is from a solid compact, so the loose stuff is also new to me. At first try, I got way too much on my brush, having skipped the little puff and I forgot to dab it off on my make up towel. It was nothing that I could not fix with a little flesh colored finishing powder...then it was perfect.  The next day I tried it as an eye shadow, which is what I had told Aprill I just might do, and I wore it as the blush as well and this time dabbing my brush before applying and it was great. The product went on smoothly, without streaks and felt really nice on my skin, and better yet, it lasted all day and even when I went out to a local car show in 90 plus degree heat!! I am impressed. So I would give Pin Up Cosmetics the Ruby's Musings Stamp of approval! I will be making an order...maybe this time of the actual eye shadows, just another of several make up and skin care items that they carry. See the end of the blog for contact information and where to buy. 

Just look at those peepers! YES "They're Real"! 

The next reviews are not because I was asked but because I always like to share new products that I become a fan of. Recently when I was getting my brows done at ULTA at the Benefit Brow Bar , I decided to purchase the brow products, which I now swear by their pencil and gel as it is the perfect brown gray color, I was gifted a sample box with my purchase. Inside was the mascara "They're Real!". Now I am loyal to my Physicians Formula mascaras, but hey it was free. So decided to give it a whirl. It has a funny little brush that looks like a chimney sweep brush all the better to lift and separate the lashes and help extend them out. With the first coat I was not super impressed, but as additional coats went on... well just let the photos be the proof. Scroll back up and look at the one where I am wearing my pink look at the photo where I am sipping an iced coffee! I would say this mascara is "Ruby's Musings Approved" !!!

Benefit Cosmetics.... they're Real! are the real deal when it
comes to pin up style lashes!!

Hair flower is from Pin Up Days on side bar 

So above I mentioned using the lip gloss from Pin Up Cosmetics over my lip color. I find for me that is the best application, as long as I go sparingly and apply with a lip brush I can use it without my fine lines grabbing it and having it trail up to my nose! The lip color was created by using NYX lip is a liner, but I find I love it as a full lip color by itself. It is easy to apply, I can control the depth and it lasts a really long time, by itself and if used as a base for lipstick helps it last as well. When used with the touch of gloss over it, it also does really well and gives me a very nice matte/gloss mix ...I recommend it and for the price, app. 3.49, which is very budget friendly ( I buy it at ULTA) , you can buy several! 


So there you have it, this weeks RMBR post. Next Tuesday, I hope you come back for a clothing review....the company? Retro Riviera , "classic style with a modern fit and flatter" . I am hoping it will become a long and happy relationship between a wonderful company and owner and myself. Just a little tease....a wonderful and fun pair of earrings! I think I want a pair in every color!!

Contact info for Pin Up Cosmetics ..

April Lacey

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