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Friday, July 31, 2015

When Life Hands You Lemons

There are times when my hubby has decided it would be a wonderful idea to accept a huge bag of lemons from his co-workers. It was a good thing when he used to make lemoncello and then of course you can always make lemonade...and I do love a good glass of lemonade on a hot day! However after pitcher after pitcher, at times you are still left with lemons, so what do you do?? You clean with them! 


Who doesn't like a nice cool glass of lemonade
on a hot day?

There is so many things in the household that can be cleaned by using a lemon. Just the other day, after my family forgot to put the plate dome over some food, creating splatters,  I used half of a lemon cut up in a bowl of water to clean my microwave. It's very simple and it works! Plus the whole house smells of lemons! But there is even more purposes for lemons...keep scrolling!!

remember the water in the bowl, microwave on high 3 minutes
then leave in for 5

Shiny and spotless and the fresh smell of lemons!

So what do you do with the leftovers??
Lemons are great for making the
garbage disposal smell fresh again,
so either with a fresh lemon or with the leftovers from
cleaning the microwave just dump them
in and run with a light stream of water. 
Lemon peels in the refrigerator
work better than baking soda for
soaking up bad smells! Then you
can juice the lemon sections for
that lemonade ! 

Other Tips....
(Gathered from the book Classic Household Hints by Susan Waggoner)

* Keep fresh lemons in a jar filled with water, stored in the fridge 
to keep them fresh for longer and great side effect, they will be juicier.

*Scrape peels completely clean, let fully dry and into your next fire for 
a sweet tangy scent.

*Lemon juice is great for cleaning glass

*Rubbing stains on a sink or tub with cut surface of lemon
will help bleach them out.

*Keep cutting boards smelling fresh by using a half of a lemon
rubbing over surface time to time.

* Shine up brass with lemon rinds dipped in salt and rubbing the object down

*Copper can be cleaned with a mix of lemon juice and salt.

*Need just a few drops for a recipe? Poke the unpeeled lemon with a toothpick,
pierce and squeeze out the juice that you need then plug the hole with the toothpick to store. 

If you love lemons and not just for cleaning there is quite a few fun clothing and accessories out there that can make it so you can dress yourself covered in them. I know I have all of these on my wish list currently! 

Cute little lemon earrings from CMYKlays, from Etsy
(find them on the link banners to your right),
she even have a slice of lemon meringue pie you
can wear on your finger!

This cute lemon cupcake is from the company  a company out of Australia 
This skirt from
would be lovely in anyones wardrobe!
How about a purse? This was an image from
pinterest, but there is a lot of them out there.

So I hope that I have given you some solutions as well as inspirations on how to use lemons to clean as well as make them a part of your wardrobe. I am going to do my best to share tips now and again here on Ruby's Musings , both ones I use on a regular basis here at Muse Cottage, but also new ones that I am trying out from the wonderful and fun book mentioned above. Before I sign off for this week I urge you to hop over to my friend Jessica's blog "Pinup Persuasion" I was a guest blogger there this week where I discuss my life as a modern day 50's housewife and what it means to me, but also share a retro recipe re-worked to make it healthier, but still just as tasty. Next week, a few reviews of recent products that I have purchased and which were gifted to me to try out and review for you!! See you next Friday! 

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