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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Ruby's Musings by Request~ Retro Rivera Clothing

Using my Retro Rivera mirror to get ready
for the photo shoot. 

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Hello lovelies! Did you enjoy this past Friday's post on menu planning and bulk cooking?? Have you been to Pin Up Persuasion and checked out my guest post there from a while back?? It is all about a day in my life and there is a yummy recipe there too! How about last Tuesday's Try and Review, all about Pin Up Cosmetics? Would love to hear your thoughts! You can always leave your comments here or on google plus, Instagram, twitter and of course Facebook. I always love hearing from you!!!
When I hear back from you my
cheeks get all rosy and my eyes twinkle!

Today's blog post falls right in line with last Tuesday's post, it is another try and review post, this time from Retro Rivera, a wonderful little online boutique. Their motto is "Retro Sophisticated Styles with a Modern Fit" . I found out about RR on Instagram and began following them, and the woman behind it who goes by Ruby Champagne... how could I resist?  I saw a post with the cutest pom-pom top and these super cute jellie shoes and so followed the rabbit trail, you know how I like my rabbit trails ( you never know what adventures and finds await), and went to the web site. I was super impressed with the price points and quickly found the top, the shoes as well as some multi hoop earrings in which to add to my wardrobe. As I always do, I wrote customer service to find out about sizing on the shoes; I have tiny feet, so shoes are tough for me to find. I also inquired about a few other items that in the future I plan to order. Going back and forth, both via emails and on Instagram it came to pass that I was asked if I would try out one of their other tops and give a review, and so of course I said YES!!
Are these Retro Rivera multi-hoop earrings not just
the most fun?? I want them in every color!

My box arrived rather quickly, as the company is based out of Long Beach California, and they send priority mail... and during August they are running a special of free shipping!!! When I opened my box I was delighted to see not only the two tops, my wonderfully fun earrings, but also a free eye glass case...which I planned to order in the future, a cute little pocket mirror and a sweet note that stated my shoes would follow in a separate delivery.  I instantly put the earrings on and snapped a photo to share on Instagram to say thank you... and told hubby we would have to be doing a few photo shoots so I could properly share the other items with you. Now I will pre-warn you the tops are NOT my normal style, they are rather reveling and well I am a shy and modest pin up gal...and also although I do believe age is just a number, I also believe one should dress with a little bit more of themselves covered up as we age. That being said, my hubby convinced me that I looked great and to go for it.

The first item I shall share with you is the cute little pom-pom top ,  it is wonderful soft what I imagine poly cotton blend, ruffle on top with the pom-poms and then a stretchy bottom cop top that seems to be made of a poly stretch fabric. A light iron and the packing wrinkles were all smoothed and you can see even when not on it was fun and flouncy. I was going grocery shopping so for the first photo shoot I decided it would be best paired with a high waist A-skirt that I already owned and make it so my tummy was not reveled ...not sure it was proper at my age to display my tummy, at least not while grocery shopping. I am not comfy with how it looks, I may be slender, but age, three children and my hysterectomy scars have taken their toll... anyway, back to the in the morning, before grocery shopping off to the park we went to shoot the first photos for you...

Ready to go grocery shopping in
my Retro Rivera Pom-Pom top 

Such a pretty way to store your sunnies!

I just adore the fun pom-pom detail and the way the ruffle

The straps are adjustable to get the proper fit.

Perfect for a picnic in the park or running errands!

After we had gotten done with our shopping and errands it was such a pretty day that hubby and myself  decided to take a nice walk to another park, this one close to home. So I made an outfit change as I wanted to share with you all how the top can be worn with a little more skin showing....

I love how the pom-poms match my
polka dot pants!
 Just this past Sunday, we went out for the day and it was time to try out the cute little strapless ruffle top, in red,  that was sent for me to try and review. It too seems to be a poly cotton and same as with the pom-pom top it has a flowy ruffle that is atop a crop top under it, though this one is ribbed elastic, rather like the sun dresses with the elastic tops that I used to wear as a girl. I was a bit nervous, I have not worn strapless in years! So it being cropped and strapless worried me, but I committed to trying and reviewing and so on it went. I was pleasantly surprised that again paired with a high waist a-line skirt and a belt around my waist you could not even tell! It was super comfy, and looked sassy and adorable on as well. I felt very pretty in it. I received many compliments through out the day as well.

Notice the cute little dog necklace? A gift
from hubby while on our day out. 

Just had to stop at this old theater and take a couple of

Just yesterday my jellie shoes arrived, so in the nick of time for today's post... and a top from another company ( Le Bomb) which I shall be reviewing on another post, and a skirt from a company I often buy from ( Sidecca ... find them on Amazon) for my every day wear, and popping those fun earrings back on from Retro Rivera, I had my daughter snap off a photo for me to share with you.....

Excuse my tan lines, I live in my cross top ballet slippers!
But how cute are the jellies??? They are a wonderful
throw back to shoes I wore in my youth, and such
a great blue green color! (They come in Nude too!)

The jellies and earrings go perfect to make a color story outfit of blues and greens! You do
not have to match your colors, simply have them in the same family!

So would I buy from retro Rivera again? YES! They do not have a huge selection right now, so I can not say there is something for everyone, but I hope that as they get off the ground a bit more they will. The prices are very affordable for much of their stock with a few higher price range items something for all budgets. The woman behind it is the sweetest doll you will ever meet or chat too ( be sure to read the about page), and customer service is top notch! I am 100% pleased with my products, the time it took to receive them, the fits that were recommended are right on the money, and what they do carry is fun and youthful, yet this older silver haired pin up can still wear them. You can wear them as I did in a more modest fashion or show a little more skin. I think this company has a bright future ahead of them and I know I will be shopping with them again. So I would mark this review as "Ruby's Musings Approved!" 

Contact information...

you can find them on FB, Pintrest and Instagram as well. 

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