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Friday, August 14, 2015

Let's Make (easy) Whoopie...

OHHH! You did not think I meant the other ...
no,no,no....I meant easy Whoope Pies! 

I love to bake....but there are days when I simply do not have a lot of time to devote to it.  I need something that is quick to mix up and my quick and easy whoopie pie recipe ( well not mine, to be truthful, it's an adaptation from something I saw on pintrest) fits my time constraints and gives me a lovely and quite fun platter of sweets for my family and friends to enjoy when they come over. It only uses three ingredients for the cookie and then frosting and five total... six if you wish to also use jam in the center. I can mix them up in just a couple minutes and they bake quickly...then while they cool ( most important part!!) completely, I go off and do other things, including clean up my dishes etc,  that need to be done. I then can come back and do the assembly which is also quite quick once you get into the rhythm of it, and before you know it WALA! Perfect for a busy homemaker! 

This is all you need to make whoopie...pies

What you will need...
1 box of cake mix...any flavor
1 container of whipped topping..I use a fat free version
1 large egg
1 canister of frosting, any flavor you like
sprinkles or jimmies... I used extra so bought a separate container
*chopped nuts is also a great option.
* you can get creative and flavorings to the cake mix, frosting
or even to the whipped topping too.

What to do next...
Mix everything in one bowl, set aside while you pre-heat 
oven to 350 degrees, and throw away waste etc then....

Line baking sheet with parchment...spray lightly with cooking spray
the paper makes for easy transferring of the cookie to the counter while
they cool and of the cookie pan later. Drop rounded spoonfulls
onto the cookie sheet.

Bake in a pre-heated oven of 350 degrees, I baked mine for
12-13 minutes until golden brown around the edges and on the
bottoms. VERY IMPORTANT let FULLY cool on cookie sheet
before trying to remove, then place on a cooling rack upside
down to continue setting up, also so that assembly is easy.
 I simply pulled the paper off the cookie sheet, cookies
and all and let it cool on the counter so
that I could re-use the cookie sheet.

Put your sprinkles, dots, or jimmies, or a mix of all three into a
bowl to contain them and make it easy to decorate the cookies.
Frost the back side ...the flat part of the cookie ..IF you are
using jam, frost just the outer flat part of the cookie and make it like a
nest to hold in the jam and dollop some jam in the center. Then put
another cookie, un-frosted on top to form a sandwich. As you see
I did not use jam this go around so simply frosted the whole flat part of the cookie.

Once you have stuck your two cookies together,
take a little more frosting and "seal" the edges
to give the sprinkles something to adhere to

Then simply roll in your sprinkles until desired coverage is

I managed to get just over 2 dozen cookies, so just over a dozen whoopie pies out of one batch, but really depends on how big you make the cookies.
 Other Tip....
I find that since whipped topping cookies are sticky, chilling them after they are
assembled works wonders to remove some of the "tack" and sets the frosting as well. 
I simply line my container with parchment paper and then pop it in the fridge un- covered.
If you don't eat them all in one setting... and they are sweet so you would have to have a huge sweet tooth or a lot of people.... just put them in single layers with parchment paper in between in an air tight container and replace back in the fridge . They will last nicely for a few days. But I doubt they will be around that long. 

Hair flower is from Monarch Flowers on
Instagram... see their banner with link
on side bar. 


  1. they look delish! and fun to do. I do not bake any more...well, i did do a cake for the church...but i might be tempted with these.

    1. They are beyond easy...and you can add jam in the center with a well around the edge as a well, instead of all frosting.

    2. They are beyond easy...and you can add jam in the center with a well around the edge as a well, instead of all frosting.

    3. They are beyond easy...and you can add jam in the center with a well around the edge as a well, instead of all frosting.


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