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Friday, August 21, 2015

JELL-OH Yummy!!!

"I'm tickled pink when I eat Jell-O" 
I have been at it again. Always looking for ways to satisfy my sweet tooth, but do it in a healthy way.... so also wanting to put a retro spin, I turned to Jell-O. What's more 1950's than Jell-O? Even more so what's more 1950's than putting something in that Jell-O ? My choice this time around is fruit.  Keeping with the sweet theme. So I started my search for ideas. Everything calls for a mold....EEEK! I do not have a mold. Hmmmm...then I finally find this on a google image search....

No fancy mold needed! 

Now... I usually keep pineapple on is not Dole, but it I do have the rings. Perfect. Now for the, I am not a big fan of lime flavor unless it is in my sparkling water, so I usually go for strawberry as hubby does not like my favorite, cherry. I have a couple boxes in the pantry...but they are not Jell-O brand, so from this point I will just say all know what it is.  

Sometimes you just have to make due with what you have on I have a tall
"normal" can of pineapple rings and an small 8oz box of sugar free gelatin dessert mix...
less calories, but just as sweet. 

I drained the juice and added just enough water to
make a full cups worth of fabric , and heated it to
boiling in the microwave. The original recipe called
for just water. But I thought it would be even better using
the juice. 

I poured the powder into the hot liquid, whisking it
the entire time to prevent lumps and until well mixed.

I then added the fluid to the drained can of
pineapple rings. Tapping a little to work it all
the way down and I actually only used about
7 1/2 ounces. 

Now for a tip...which most of you
most likely know; put plastic over
the top of the gelatin, and lightly
press down...keeps the gelatin from
getting that really gross film!! 

Once fully hot water on sides and bottom... to release,
carefully holding down the plastic wrap to keep dessert in
the can....then put open end down, sans plastic wrap,
onto a serving plate, and open closed end of can...tap and
dessert should pop right out.

"Ready for my close up..." 

Add a some garnish such as whipped cream, a cherry, some slivered almonds and perhaps
a nod to the flavor, a sliced strawberry and it truly does look like it is from the 50's...of course
it may have had cottage cheese instead of whipped cream, or even sour cream, but I did want a

Isn't it pretty? A little day glow maybe, but pretty.

Now time to taste....

It's in.....mmmmmmmm

YEP! Thumbs up! I would eat it again! 

If you have a retro recipe you want me to try, leave me a 
comment and I will see what I can do! 
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