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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

That Dress is Le Bomb

Felt pretty as a picture in my Le Bomb Shop dress

As I venture further and further into the current world of pin-up, I am discovering all sorts of new to me companies in which to purchase my clothing from. One such shop is Le Bomb Shop. I discovered this little gem of affordable pin up clothing via one of the lovelies that I follow on Instagram, and decided to have a go at it.  I have now ordered from them twice and both times been very pleased. As I try to do before I buy, I contact the customer service department and ask about sizing. Yes, they do have a sizing chart, but as I have come to find out with orders from other vendors it is not always accurate... Le Bomb does there very best to make sure that does not happen, but depending on fabric, personal measurements etc it is always, as I mentioned my practice to ask. The customer service at Le Bomb is top notch and they were able to tell me based on my measurements, which happens to be between sizes what size would be best for me, and they got back to me pretty quickly with a friendly reply. They were very patient with this wary buyer and for that I am grateful.. for that very reason I am doing this unsolicited try and review.

I decided on the "Birds of Paradise Halter Sun  Dress" in Aqua ( retail 54.00) in a small after my discussion online with the customer service department. It looked amazing online and I was very hopeful that once I received it, that it would not disappoint. Fingers crossed, I clicked my way through to check out and in really a very quick matter of time, a package arrived on my door step. I hurriedly tried it on and was delighted that it fit...for the most part. I say for the most part, as I was able to slip it up over my hips, do the zipper and it fit quite nicely through the waist, with enough room to breathe, but not so much that it was too loose. The parts that were a bit big.. and it is entirely preference and well partially my new body shape, having had my implants removed just over three months ago, was the upper half. No longer having my D cup and now being a small B cup the halter portion when worn without a bra was a bit too roomy...that is not the fault of Le Bomb or construction. The other part was the back elastic fit a bit looser across my back. I realize this is so that it can fit people of all shapes that fit into the size parameter, so I do not count this is a fail in sizing or construction. I managed to solve the issue quiet easily by wearing a lightly padded bralet in a color that went with the dress, in this case black. I felt more comfortable wearing a little something as it was, so it was not a draw back. 

So I have talked about the fit....what about the construction and best of all the print? Well, the fabric is a non stretch cotton, it is light weight, but perfect for the hot Summer time weather. It is two layers, one that is the print and then an under dressing that is in the same aqua without print. The skirt is a wonderfully full box pleat design, perfect for fitting my petticoat under, and on me as I am 5'2 it came to just to just below my knees, as promised.  It fit comfortably and the straps are nice and wide to hold up the bodice of dress in a flattering way. The elastic across the back as I mentioned is a bit on the looser side, which is nice as it does not dig into your back as often can be the case.It has a nice wide waist band that gives the mid part of the torso a slim appearance. It held up nicely to getting in and out of the car and I found that though it is cotton it did not wrinkle too badly...not that it takes more than a few minutes to touch up with the iron... which I did before wearing once I removed it from the shipping package. Now to the is DIVINE! Just as pretty as it looks on line. I love the color wave and the tropical print that is not too Hawaiian as a lot of tropical dresses are, and the birds that are scattered about appealed to the nature lover in me. I got so many compliments! The dress does come in white as the background as well, but I think the cool toned aqua is just so pretty and sets off the soft muted rose, lavenders, blues and even the more warm green tones of the leaves. I am 100% satisfied with my purchase and the dress. I was so pleased, I ordered a top from them too. *Wink*  I would stamp this "RUBY'S MUSINGS APPROVED" 

Love my top from Le Bomb as well. 

Basic Information...
Location of photo shoot... St. Helena Ca. 
Lake Berryessa 

Petticoat previously owned and found on Amazon
Shoes and purse... vintage in top photos, shoes in last photo 
Jewelry in top photos previously owned. Bought locally.
Earrings in last photo bought through Retro Rivera.
Skirt in last photo bought through Sidecca on Amazon.
Scarf in top photos bought at resale shop.
Sunglasses bought through ModCloth  
 on clearance and may be sold out. 
Photos taken by my wonderful hubby 


  1. Oh I absolutely love this dress on you and got so inspired I went on the website, and my god there are so gorgeous pieces and such reasonable prices. Thank you for the recommendation. :)

  2. I am so glad! Thanks for leaving a comment...means so much!

  3. Hi there, Ruby. I have been wanting to leave a comment since your put this post up, but I have been so busy looking after matters at home, I haven't had a chance. I love your posts; they always seem to speak straight to my heart and bless me so much.
    I love the dress - it is adorable!! You look so beautiful in all the shots, you always put the outfits together in such a beautiful way. I have learned so much from you, so thank you! I love the petticoat - it is so sweet and adds so much to the whole outfit.
    Thank you for being such a precious inspiration to me on my journey of finding me and my style in life.
    Jilly oxoxo

    1. Hello Jilly....thank you so much for your lovely comment and compliments. I am so happy I can be an inspiration to you ...hearing that means so much!

  4. Antony, Jilly's husband here. It's funny how different photos can show things in a different way. In the two of you standing up, the dress looks a bit strange to me. But the one of you sitting on the seat where you can see the whole dress (and the whole you) - that shows the dress and you in an excellent way. Very nice!


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