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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Twinkle In My Eye

Wearing my green button earrings from the Twinkle Burst
collection "Witches Brew" 

Recently I have been trying to add more retro/vintage inspired jewelry to my wardrobe. Etsy is a wonderful resource for that, but it can be a vast site if you do not know what to look for, that is where Instagram comes into to play. Follow enough pin up girls on there and eventually their posts will lead to others, and those will lead to vendors who have what you need. I have discovered many wonderful small companies run by amazing women, a few I have shared here and if you are on the P.C. version of my page, you can look on the side bar and find banners with links to many of them. One of those such companies is Twinkleburst ( @twinkleburstca on Instagram ). It is the brain child of a wonderful young woman who's name is Suzie.  I am here to introduce you to her and her wonderfully fun and sparkly jewelry line.

My first order arrived with a little freebie ( the ring) and a sweet  note.

The beauty behind Twinkle Burst, Suzie
(@pinupgirlsuzie / HellCat Suzie on Instagram)
Tell my readers a little about yourself....
You can call me Suzie! I was born in Ukiah, Ca. My early childhood, I lived in Lake County, and moved to the Central Valley when I was 7 years old. Immediately following High School, I attended FIDM in San Francisco, earning my AA in Merchandise Marketing. I have always been a fashionista since my High School days, and especially was drawn to the Pinup, Vintage, Rockabilly and Kustom Kulture lifestyles. Can't go a day without my winged eyeliner and some sort of retro inspired outfit. Cannot wait to own my very own Classic Car. I'm really into the early 70s Dodge Challengers, but a good ol' Bel Air would be freaking fantastic! I enjoy attending car shows, and most recently - entering myself into pinup contests! 

Fun in Santa Cruz

Taking time to smell the roses at Victory Park 
Now can you tell us about your company TwinkleBurst? 
Twinkleburst began in Winter of 2014. It all started that Summer when I was scrolling through Instagram and came across the most sparking, shiny earrings I had ever seen. Photo after photo just blew my mind. I had never seen such beautiful fashion  jewelry in my life! I was so obsessed with figuring out how this designer created these Confetti Lucite earrings! After doing a bunch of research, I was able to create my first batch in my friends back yard in November. Thank you Vanessa! :) I'd never want to copy anyone's work. It's just not classy. So I've been putting my own twist on things, and I really enjoy doing what I do.

So how are you enjoying the company you have created? 
It's just never ending, and I'm perfectly fine with that. Twinkleburst allows me to be totally creative, and I love creating affordable pieces for all the other vintage lovin' gals out there! Each piece is so unique. I've hardly ever made the same style twice. I don't know where Twinkleburst is going to take me, but so far I have enjoyed every bit of it. 

The Pink Ribbon Collection where 50% of
the proceeds go to women battling breast cancer
via donations on Go Fund Me

The California Cocktail collection 

 Even if I never sold a darn piece, I'd still make them because I love to wear them myself. Luckily, business has been picking up! I make what I like, and other gals seem to like it too. Must be doing something right. I started with Earrings. Then came the Rings and Brooches. Now I have Bracelets and Necklaces!
Constellation Bracelet in Sapphire
The Charm School Collection 

Ice Cream Dream collection 

Wearing my beautiful blue earrings from Twinkleburst

I want to thank Suzie for sharing a little bit about herself and her jewelry company Twinkleburst. Not only has she been generous with her time to share with myself and you, my readers, but she has generously provided a discount of 20% through the month of October when using the code PINUP20 . I LOVE my earrings and have plans to order several other pairs to go with all my outfits, and the nifty thing is that Suzie accepts special orders as well! She is fun to work with, and has a wonderful personality and customer service is top notch. OHH and she has very affordable prices.  I would mark Twinkleburst on Etsy and both the Instagram pages listed above as well as at the end of this, as Ruby's Musings approved. 

Find and Follow...
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On Instagram ...
 Follow Twinkleburst @twinkleburstca 
@Pinupgirlsuzie aka HellCat Suzie 


  1. Thank you so much for the feature on your blog! You are such a down to Earth, wonderful woman! Looking forward to many more Ruby's Musings blog posts! Xoxo

    1. I was so excited and happy to do it ! Thank you so much!


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