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Friday, March 4, 2016

Ruby's Musings on Tour ....Las Vegas ~ Part Three

No worries I will be back one day

So, as the third day dawned upon Mr. Musings and myself, ( visit part one HERE and part two HERE) and I stretched comfortably in our bed at the Mandalay Bay, laying upon those scrumptious pillows, I thought of the full day that lay ahead; a busy one and of course the flight home at the end.  We had arranged to take a very late fight out so that we would have plenty of time to visit with some of my online friends/fans that lived in the area over brunch, which as it was planned would also be at The Peppermill, but this time within the restaurant portion.   We were to meet at 11 ish for brunch and our check out was also to be by 11, so we made sure to be up, ready and checked out earlier than the prescribed time. With a bit of extra time on our hands between check out and our brunch date, we decided to walk through another old school establishment, Circus, Circus. I had never been and I thought it might be quite a lot of fun to watch the circus acts and walk the midway, sadly once we figured out how to get into the parking lot, found out where the door was from there and found the midway, we saw a sign that stated it did not open until 11 itself, so we turned about face and repeated the process in reverse. and headed right across the street to The Peppermill. We did not have long to wait until my lovely friends arrived.

I fully enjoyed the Mandalay, and I will miss those pillows.. a lot!!

Once the ladies showed up and we put our names in to get seated, we stood outside in the warm sunshine of the late morning, snapping selfies, chatting and to our delight and humor posed for photos taken by a local cab driver who wished to inspire his girlfriend and along side a tourist who apparently thought we were quite the attraction and asked to have a photo taken with the three of us... we of course obliged. Once inside, it was time to have a feast! 

The Peppermill, unbeknownst to us, has VERY large servings, and though the food was very good, tasty indeed, you definitely get your monies worth, only my hubby seemed to be able to finish his meal, well for the most part! I fully recommend going and sharing food if you ever visit Vegas. It's old school and right on the strip, so close to everything. 

Us gals being cheeky...L to R, Michelle aka Bouquet Betty, myself,
and Becky aka Cherries Sunshine 

Us that could drink, Michelle being 6 months with child had to pass,
ordered the sunset mimosa, I ordered the fruit platter with a side of
banana bread and marshmallow sauce....I am sure you can tell it
was meant to share ! My hubby got the french toast with fruit and
whip cream....he did not have a problem eating his meal...go figure. 

After we ate what we could, and finished our drinks, we decided we would head back out to main Street and Rockin Bettie, which I shared with you in part two, and to meet up with another lovely , Jess W. who I also mentioned in part two, who happened to be working there taking photos for Amy of Rockin Bettie, as well as to snap a few more photos of course. So in a mini caravan of two cars the four of us made the quick trip over from The Peppermill. 

Could not resist another photo with Amy, the owner behind
Rockin Betty on S. Main St. 

Selfie time with the beautiful Jess W. the talented photographer behind Jess W Photography 

I was so very sad to part ways with the ladies that Becky named her "Vixens" , it was so wonderful to for if just a short time have girlfriends to chat and laugh and bond with. I miss having that in my life and never before, have I had ladies who were interested in the very same thing as myself. I have missed them each and every day since leaving. However part our ways we had to do, as I had been requested to meet back up with Dorrie and Jodi of Senior Style Bible for a mini photo shoot as we had not had a chance to do a proper one the night before.  So off we went. 

Took a moment while we waited for Dorrie and Jodi
I had hubby take a test shot,  at the Palazzo Hotel

Hubby did not quite get the concept that we should look
into the same camera at the same time ....

...but I wanted to share how sharp he was looking!

Once our photo shoot was over and hugs were given, and once again we parted ways with friends, we headed to the Venetian Hotel to meet up with my cousin who just happens to work at the Canyon Ranch Spa as one of the boss ladies and have a way too short visit after not seeing each other for way too many years....way too many. We still had quite a bit of time left before needing to go the airport, so it was off to Planet Hollywood to visit that location of Tatyana Boutique, and to have a bite to eat before returning our rental car and flying had been a wonderful trip, full of adventures, new discoveries, and connecting with friends and making new ones. A very successful Ruby's Musings Tour! 

No filters, very exhausted and as it turned out,
coming down with a bad cold,  at the Las Vegas 
airport, waiting for our 10 p.m flight. Ready for home...
but leaving a piece of myself with Vegas. 

Bonus shots...
My shopping haul...
So many great goodies!

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  1. perhaps you could find out what those pillows were made of. We did that with mattresses one time but lo and behold they said they were custom done for the hotel and was not an item we could buy. weep! We are coming out the last week of this month (driving)to look at houses and then go on down to see sam..his cancer is terminal and this just might be the last time we get to see him.

    1. There is always hotel pillows for com lol

  2. Oh no, I'm really sorry to hear that you were struck with a cold while in Vegas. I can relate, as I often pick up bugs when I travel due to my weak immune system. I hope that it isn't too brutal a cold and that you'll be feeling much better shortly, sweet lady.

    Thank you for these awesome Vegas posts. I've never been to "Sin City", but it is super high up on the list of places I'd love to visit one day, if possible, in the States.

    Tons of hugs & happy wishes for the coming week,
    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for your latest blog comment. Please drop me an email anytime and we can definitely discuss a collaboration further (it will be great fun, I'm sure!).

    1. Hello beautiful! I am, a week later feeling better. Thank you. Vegas is a blast. Hard to be like us and go, but it is an experience! I will be in touch!!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. After I went to disneyworld, I came back with the worst flu of my life!!! I feel your pain. Glad you are getting over it and you had a fun time!

    1. Oh No!!! I hope you are feeling better and soon! Just praying I don't get sick when I have my next Ruby's Musings Tour!


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