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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Picnic Under the Stars

“Mishap at the Picnic” by Harry Ekman c. 1950s

This past Saturday night hubby and myself decided to have a dinner picnic under the stars. This was not a random decision. It so happens that a local winery, Peirano Estate in Acampo Ca. was having a showing of the 1959/1960 classic version of Little Shop of Horrors on the grounds of their winery and tasting room. An evening under the stars, among the grape vines, sipping fine wine , eating our yummy picnic meal and snacking on fresh popped butter pop corn. What could be better ? 

Ready for a lovely picnic under the stars ...wearing
my The Bonnit to protect my hair from the breeze
Of course I wore a Housewife Chic Little Shop brooch....available by special order.

Promises of things to come....
Beautiful and peaceful grounds greet visitors at Peirano 


Always a good sign.....
Skirt by Kitschy Kitty"s Clothing Shop 
Blouse by Moisellea Moureux 

close up of skirt fabric 

We were greeted by the jazz band Symposium 

Our supper, a version of Chicken and Waffles, made with a extra thin wheat pancake, not quite crepe, not as thick as a pancake, a marscapone and maple spread and crunchy chicken fillet.
The grounds at Peirano Estate are breath taking

Lord Blood Rah of Nerve Wrackin Theater fame was our host for the movie. 
Of course I had to have a photo taken with the Lord of ceremonies 

A glass of fine wine among the vines

Date Nite 
Taking time to enjoy the view .....

As the sun sets a natural retro filter occurs.....

Extra Extra ..... Review .....

 Recently a company out of Canada by the name of The Bonnit  offered me a pack of their rain bonnets..I had already ordered a set, but they were nice enough to send me an extra set in another print from what I had ordered. I was excited to get them. I had for so very long been searching for a good rain bonnet like what my Grandma used to have and so when I started spotting many of the retro ladies I follow on Instagram sporting these little gems, I knew I had to have them. 
In each package you get a clear bonnit trimmed out in black and then a cute print on the other and they come packaged two to a little carry pouch. I now have both a leopard as well as the one with the stars on it, seen above. They are well constructed, fit perfectly over a variety of hair styles...and as I found out they not only protect your hair from rain, but wind as well....of course not meant for really hot and sunny days...but this one served in a pinch and did not smoosh my hair as a normal scarf or hat would do. They are reasonably priced, even with the conversion difference and shipping costs from Canada. You can count it as Ruby's Musings Approved.  


  1. What a delightful looking and sounding event! I can't stress how much I adore that you're a fan of really tailoring your ensemble, when possible, to your activities/where you're headed. I'm the same way, too, and find it to be one of the biggest joys of fashion.

    Have a wonderful tail end of spring!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. Oh it was...I truly enjoyed it...aside from sitting upright on a bench for so long!
      Thank you! I have a lot of fun doing so...though it is costly LOL...I really do love doing it.

  2. Wonderful Post, Dear. Simply gorgeous having your food and drink among the gardens. It suits you!

    1. Thanks so much lovely lady for the compliment ...appreciate you popping in !

  3. Hi there Ruby, this is wonderful, thank you!! As always you look amazing and are such an inspiration to me!!! I love your skirt it is so cool; in fact I love your whole outfit!
    Love Jilly

  4. Love this particularly the skirt fabric and gil elvgreen is my favorite artist

    1. Thank was an instant hit. The image at top is not Gil, but I love him too.


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