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Thursday, June 23, 2016

50's Princess for a Day ~ Tale of a Special Skirt

Introducing Sarah .......

You ever have one of those days, perhaps weeks? It has been that way for me for a couple of months. I am not sure what has caused the malaise, even venture to say indifference to a lot of things in my life at the moment and even myself. I would prefer to stay in PJs most days. They are cute but not very fashionable, even tho I have plenty of pretty clothing, none of it was singing to me recently. and then a sweet doll who goes by the name "Pink Macaroon" on Instagram contacted me and asked if I would be open to receiving one of her skirts to help her launch her new business making them for others. I first off never turn down kind offers of free clothing ( what woman would?) , but when I found out that it was not going to be just another circle or gathered skirt, but something truly special that would be created with a touch of hand stitching, how could I not leap at the chance. 

Sarah, that is her real name, Sarah Bennett as a matter of fact, told me that she was going to be making skirts with pockets made from squares of fabric that she had found, that were hand embroidery floral designs, and sent me a photo of a selection of choices. She told me to pick my favorite and tell her what color I would like my skirt to be to go along with the pocket square. I will not lie, it was very hard, the greedy girl in me wanted each and every one!! Each one was so very pretty and well done, and reminded me of the embroidery that my Grandmother once did and that for a time, as a young girl, I did myself ( only not nearly as good) ; I finally did choose one however. My choice? A lovely Lupine bloom, which was the most divine shade of dark purple with tiny details of yellow and white and deep, rich green leaves...memories of growing up on the family farm as a child playing among fields of just such flowers was the clincher for me. I then decided on the most pale, yummy shade of buttery yellow to be the skirt fabric of choice and once details were discussed, it was time to wait for the creation to arrive. It was so very hard to wait, I was quite excited. Just as I waited to see the skirt, I am going to make you wait a little bit while Sarah shares a bit about herself and her new business. 

Sarah, would you share how you got into vintage/retro....

I've always loved the 1940s/50s. My fascination with bygone eras started as a child; I would look at photos of my grandma wearing gorgeous clothes in NYC in the 1940s... she had such a fantastic wardrobe! I also remember seeing portions of Singing in the Rain and White Christmas on TV and thinking that the clothes and music were just fabulous.

I began sewing vintage reproduction dresses for myself after I finished grad school so that I could dress in a vintage style... back then, vintage and retro were not as popular as they are now, and buying and selling vintage on Etsy didn't even exist (if it did I didn't know about it!) 

A few years ago, I joined the Instagram community and began following many vintage sellers. I became intrigued by the idea of hunting down vintage pieces myself and opened my own Etsy shop, CarlaSue Vintage. I sell both vintage as well as my vintage inspired handmade pieces.

Tell us more about your handmade clothing....

I love creating one of a kind pieces! I always feel more inspired when I have a specific "muse" in mind. I use vintage construction techniques such as hand sewn hems, lapped zippers, and pinked seam finishes in my pieces. I often use vintage buttons, zippers, thread, and even vintage fabric. It's a great way to recycle and helps to give my pieces that almost "magical" quality that I love about vintage clothes.

So before I share the photos, that I hope do justice to your beautiful creation tell my readers about the skirt you created for me.....

I found a collection of beautifully embroidered vintage squares some time back and thought that they would make marvelous skirt pockets. When an opportunity came up to collaborate with Ruby's Musings, I knew that this was the perfect opportunity to make my vision come to life! I have several more squares available and am taking custom orders for these one of a kind skirts. 

Well I am very honored! Truly.... Where can others contact you about getting their own skirts and your other designs? 

                                    They can always contact me via Etsy CarlaSue Vintage

A Very Special Skirt.....

Final Thoughts...

From the moment I opened the package and took a close look at the skirt I noticed that it was the highest quality of creations that I have received to date. The stitching was so fine, so perfect, the details from the adjustable waist ( a personal request) to the little touches like the tiny snap closures, and a perfect yellow button, the even and carefully done hem, and the fullness just right and the carefully stitched pocket...all of it just ever so lovingly done with care. When I slipped it on, it fit like a Malco Modes Ivory petticoat was a perfect match!  I happened to have a cute blouse that I had purchased at a local thrift shop that was a close enough to match the flowers on the pocket, and when paired with white shoes, gloves and belt it just all came together. I added a pop of green in my vintage leather handbag and a golden touch to my ears in the form of antique pearl earrings, and tied it all together with my Housewife Chic wine brooch....ready to face the day. 

I felt like a pretty 1950's princess and as it soon turned out, others saw it as well as it soon became a regular comment to say that I looked like Snow White! I did not mind and I knew that in the future this would be my outfit for when I go to Disneyland in September, and I have Sarah to thank for that and the occasional posting of a "will collaborate" image on my Instagram feed. I hope that opportunities will come up again to work with Sarah in the future, at the very least own a few more purchased creations from her skilled hands and self proclaimed perfectionist eye. Thank you Sarah for making me feel like a pretty 50s princess for a day! 

Photos taken at the Amadore Flower Farm in Plymouth Ca. 


  1. Wow! Ruby your outfit is stunning. Well Done! 💖💖💖

  2. So immensely, unforgettably lovely! The colour palette here reminds me, in the best kind of way, of a lush spring/summer dessert starring blueberries and lemon (such as a lemon cheesecake with blueberry sauce).

    This whole post was a delight and I'm delighted to have "met" this stylish and inspiring fellow vintage lover + seller. Thank you for the wonderful post, sweet lady.

    Have a marvelous weekend!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. You are just the sweetest... glad that you enjoyed it!

  3. Thank you so much..I love it too.


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