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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Topping It Off ~ Hats!

all hats and photo rights belong to Morgana Creely and Hats by Morgana 

I have been taking some time off to spend quality time with my family and to celebrate my 50th birthday. Knowing this I asked a few friends to send me guest blog posts all through July and the latest is from a lovely lady Morgana who lives in Australia and just so happens to also be the very talented milliner that created the "Ruby Hat" that I did a blog about a few months ago...she also supports me via technical help on my You Tube Ruby's Musings channel! 

The Ruby hat by Morgana of Hats by Morgana 

Hats That Match Your Style and Era ....

I am a huge fan of hats and very rarely leave the house without one. However it wasn’t always that way, and it took me a little while to find hats that fit both my own personal style, and my vintage era.

I have always loved Dior’s New Look (1). Launched in 1947, it was all pleated swirling skirts, accentuated waists, tailored jackets and beautiful hats. Ah those hats! Large stylish saucers and beautiful coolies (2).

My standard wardrobe is full circle skirts and petticoats; I have bright hair and colourful ink. Yet I was quite timid and self-conscious when I started wears hats in public. When I first started wearing hats I didn’t have the confidence (or the budget) to wear big statement pieces,  so started small with pillbox hats, and then moving on to lovely smaller 1950s headpieces.
I dreamt (and still do) of owning a New Look style saucer (owning the real thing is just too much to contemplate!) A couple of months ago I saw a beautiful example in amazing condition on an online auction site. I wanted this hat so badly and bid as high as I dared, but it wasn’t to be. For some reason this particular hat spurred me on. “Damn it” I thought, “if I can’t have this one I will find another one just as amazing!” In hindsight the odds really should have been against me, and yet in the tradition of the best fairy tales, unbelievably I did!

A beautiful blue 1940s hat with a gorgeous pleated front brim – in really great condition; for an affordable price and the international postage wasn’t a deal breaker! Surely this was meant to be!
This hat was a really important addition to my hat collection, because it was the very first “big” hat that I felt comfortable in. I’d tried large sun hats, Dutch bonnets and other large hats but I felt swamped, overwhelmed, and more than a little silly. Somehow the beautiful styles from the 1940s were different.

I will never stop wearing the lovely little mid-century hats that I love so much, and it’s really great to have a couple of general day to day hats I can grab at a moment’s notice. But I am really cherishing growing into the lovely larger hats, as my style and my confidence both grow.
It’s not just about the shape and size of the hat that suits you; it’s your comfort level and confidence too. Don’t be afraid to start small and see where it takes you. 

Me having Fun with Hats.....
I wish I had brought this one home....

This one was so unusual and fun, but I passed it up....
Hubby ended up getting it for me for my birthday! 


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  1. I feel the same as you do about hats adn they really suit you. I wish I could get my hair to hold a curl though, you have the perfect 50s short curly coif for hats


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