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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Leaves colors are starting to are the colors in the stores!

So as I have been blogging about in the last couple of weeks about the fashions changing for the upcoming seasons, the same holds true for our favorite box stores of Zgallerie, Crate and Barrel , and Pottery Barn, as well as West Elm( which I shared with you a couple weeks back) . Z, is slowly bringing in some of the new richer colors of burnt orange, deep rich amethyst, browns, rich ebony black and dark grays and silver tones of gray as well, and even a soft neutral beige gray tone. It is beautiful in combination...I am hoping deep teal of course stays in their store...being it is my favorite color. I was happy to see white was still a strong presence there as well , I do also love my pops of white.  Here is a touch of Z, I am sure as the season progresses I will be doing an all Z post...I do LOVE my Z. Makes me wish that I could re-do my whole apartment ! But alas I am stuck with gold carpet and beige ( not the right shade) walls. What can I say the neutrals are growing on me !


It is a whole other color story at Crate and Barrel.You still see the deep teal , the burnt oranges, and the dusty purples...but now you have golds, greens in the shades of olive and a muted apple, as well as a chocolate brown and pops of deep candy apple red.....

Then there is Pottery Barn. Now this store has never been my style, not quite as "crisp" as I once thought I wanted my space to be, but now I crave a nice mix of crisp and warmth...a touch of the cozy. Pottery Barn does cozy just right !Tell me these images do not make you want to snuggle in with a hot cup of apple cider, your cat or dog, sitting with you next to a roaring fire, and watching a great movie.....

 So that is a peek into the changing colors for Fall . You may not be able to afford these stores, but I bet you if you start scoping out Home Goods, Ross, Marshalls and the like you will find these same tones and styles. Even places like Target and Wal Mart have started to bring them in and are very budget friendly. I hope this will inspire you to bring in some of the new shades into your space, no matter what your budget , you can warm things up for Fall...I know I will be.


  1. You know I love all those stores!! Wish I had more space/ money to buy and put things places. I want more storage really so that I can have things for all seasons to change out!

  2. SO good to hear, because I'm all ready!!! I've been a WARM color girl most of my adult life ... my living room is a lovely cross-hatch glaze in the color of burnt sienna. (I call it burnt sienna - my Mother, who really dislikes it, calls it ORAAAANGE!)Ah, well. I've always been one for warm shades in my home - looks like I'll find lots of stuff to love in the stores this fall!

  3. Im a sucker for neutral colors with a hint of tint here and there. It leaves room for me to change my mind, which I tend to do very often!


  4. Love Z Gallerie......I just love wandering around their store. Get so many ideas.

    That dining room table at Pottery Barn is exactly the style I want for our dining room. Someday....


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