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Friday, August 13, 2010

Scenes from the Mall: A Make Over Event and some window shopping of course....

The day started out with a lot of activity. I was excited for the day ahead. After chatting with you all , and a few closer friends the day before about my hair color I had decided to start coloring my hair again. A big leap, not something I had not contemplated since I stopped coloring nearly two years back, but with being in the apartment, afraid of stains and mess I was afraid to start again. But, once I decide to do something, well there is no stopping me. I might trip up along the way , but I reach most of my goals.

I got up put on a hat, took a short walk as I was limited on time, but wanted to keep on track. I stopped at the local market and 8.00 later I had a box of color in a plain brown paper sack , ready to proceed. No turning back. I of course stopped for coffee. It was free cause my stamp card from the local Chevron was full ( thanks to the kind lady behind the counter who had given me two steps the day before) . I headed home. Set everything up. And BRAVELY took this photo! Self taken Mug shots are always so lovely are they not???
 There I was , not a stitch of make up, not even my trade mark red stained lips. Natural hair color, bags under the eyes from three nights no sleep...Just me. Forty-four years old and nothing to hide behind. This is what I face in the mirror each day...and actually I was worse looking most days I would see this looking back at me when I had the longer hair and the gray showed up more....glaring in the morning light at me each day...a stranger that I thought I recognized, but not really. Everything showing on my face and in my hair that this past two years had done to me , the stress, the health issues, it was /is all there.

Now I am not saying magic happened in the 30 minutes it took to color, develop and rinse out the hair color, but in many ways it did, cause when I looked up , it was like the old me was starting to emerge. Now I should have taken a pic of me then and there , phase two of the day if you will, but I was running very late for the Benefit Cosmetics event at Macy's and was still not dressed 15 minutes before my appointment.

So upon arriving at Macy's and getting through the doors as they opened for the day, I was very eager to get my new make up look. I checked in and sat in a directors chair and patiently awaited my make up artist to get started.
Veronica was not there. So I was assigned to Courtney...she is the one on the right...
Courtney got to work, she filled in and darkened my brows, added eye shadow, liner, ( I was already wearing mascara) used the Pore Perfection product they were promoting. A bit of foundation, blush/bronzer , checking after each step and  then powder and I was all done. I looked in the mirror to see the final look.

Now I must admit that I was not 100% pleased or displeased. It was just not me . I loved the eye shadow colors, and now own them. I loved the Pore-fessional and the bronzer/blush called Dallas, and love them. But I was not fond of the black liner all around my eyes, too dark, and too aging. And the brows, well I LOVED the perfection, the shape, but the color was just harsh and I felt I looked like one of the older ladies that as they get older put the bands of red blush on the cheeks , draw in the dark black brows and paint the lips a bright red....But I decided to live with it for a day and make it here is your first glance at me with the new dark brown hair and my Benefit make over.

 Does not look so harsh in the lighting of the store I will admit, maybe that is the problem , under normal light....anyway , Courtney was a doll and she did what she was trained to do and she did it well, even if it is not my taste, what I would do on a daily basis. Make overs are supposed to give you new ideas , a fresh perspective on how you look and well it did do that.  Here is a couple of shots taken at home....

I received a goody bag. It had a school theme, water , mint and mini candy bar and a Hello Flawless pressed powder sample ( it is on my wish list) , and because I purchased the Dallas (rose bronzed powder) and the P.P, and a velvet eye shadow in "Buckle Bunny" ( a rose mocha ) I also received a gift bag. Gotta like free gifts. It included a cute make up bag, mini Bad Gal mascara , another pressed powder sample, a creaseless cream shadow in R.S.V.P ( a seasonal shade in a soft metallic beige...which I now have three samples of !!) and Posie Tint (  pink cheek and lip stain ) .....


I spent about 20.00 more than I ever intend to do, but, it is products that I will use and did want. I just got a little bit shop happy...not like my budget minded self. I DID save up for this day all month, and sold a childhood doll on EBAY to come up with the cash...but I do feel a bit of buyers remorse today...I could have bought so much for the same amount of money....but it has been a month of remorse on how I have spent my allowances what with too many hair cuts and now this...I always do that to myself though. The would have could haves run amok in my head all the time. Call it a character flaw. 
ANYWAYS....After I was all done I had a bit of time on my hands and decided to snap a bunch of photos of the all the items I am drooling over that is in Macy's at the here is some wonderful eye candy of things I want, desire, and well actually need ... I really can not afford any of it , Macy's is out of my budget, even on the best of days. BUT, like I have shown you over and over, find your inspiration, then start the search to create it and make it yours on whatever budget you have. For me, for the past two years it has been a very tiny one. It has not been easy to create a life, environment and look that I find pleasurable on the budget or lack of that we have had. I never give up though. I keep dreaming, and then I start my search to create it all for less. So sit back and enjoy the arm chair window shopping with me once again and create your own as well and start seeking out the bargains that ARE out there!

Tomorrow.....Decorating Eye Candy...YES DECOR!!! It has been a while I know...but I was waiting to see the "leaves" start to change colors before sharing more ...well they have started to do my favorite decor box stores that is...some are changing rapidly, others a more gradual approach, but it is starting to look like a promising , PLEASURABLE season!  And after all that is what my blog is all about seeking out and musing upon the pleasures of life, big and small, and everything in between! So until tomorrow....


  1. I think your make over looks great. I face the same challenges daily and also dye my hair. And I am sooooo excited fall is coming. It happens to be my favorite season too.

  2. Hey Ruby, thanks for the Follow, right back at ya. :-) Looking forward to spending some time getting to 'know' you.
    And your eyes POP with your makeover. Awesome!

  3. Ok Ms Ruby Ruby = I gotta tell ya - LOVE this posting - you look mahvelous - beautiful - wonderful - so I can't wait to see what you are more comfortable with 'cause it will rock, too! By the by - if you want wonderful products for very littl moola - (elf products). I discovered them years ago when everything was $1 - and pretty much still is (and I think they are at Target too) - their stuff is GREAT and you can buy a bunch! Their philosophy (link at bottom of page) is terrific.

    Thanks for stopping by today and commenting - I'm off to read your other postings now!!

  4. Oh yeah, forgot to mention - YOUR PICTURE OF YOUR CHOICES - whooo - I love everything you picked out - excellent taste!

  5. Hi Ruby!

    Thanks for stopping by the Over 40 Bloggers I added your blog to the list!!

    Thanks for joining the party!

    Hope you get lots of followers from it! Including me!! Please follow me back if you haven’t done so already!!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I think your hair looks fab! The make-up looked very, very nice, and the shopping trip was wonderful! I, too, love so many of the things you do! Thanks, S, for the day's adventure!!

  7. You look beautiful!!!! Love all the photos too- Now I want to go shopping ;)

  8. She did a great job on the make-over! And your hair color looks awesome. What lipstick did she use on you??

    Nice loot bag.....!


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