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Saturday, February 12, 2011


I woke early this morning, I was able to see the sun come up. What a lovely site to behold on occasion. Makes you really appreciate all the natural beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis that we so often take for granted. I crawled back to bed for a bit and it was snuggle time with my cat Bitty, who was asleep on her normal spot on top of her blanket, but as nice as that was it was time to get up and get ready for a morning treat, the local farmers market. Today my middle daughter Rebecca would be joining me. I had not seen her in over a week since she has become the proud new mama to a dog named Robbie.

I shuffled as I always do to the kitchen before getting ready, as it was treat time for the cats and heaven forbid they wait for me to wash my face and use the restroom before that happens. Treats given, water bowl filled and it was back to me time. I got dressed in a my new purple sweater, eager to show it off to my daughter. Fixed my hair and even put make up on, digging out my Cherries in the Snow is rare that I wear anything past a bit of gloss. Lipstick being very hard for me to put on, for when I do and I go to pat my lips it touches my teeth, the loose ones and well that is very uncomfortable, so I skip it most days. Mascara is hard as well as I have to lift my arms for too long and the hands go numb. But enough of I dealt with my handicaps and applied my makeup and in doing so was able to look in the mirror and say "Hello my friend" , recognizing myself more than when I just pull on the old sweater cap and go.

Rebecca showed up and I grabbed all that we would need . I had my water bottle, money, ID, my Starbucks gift card ( coffee would be needed) and my large bag that is easiest for me to haul things home in. Shoes on , coat buttoned, and off we went. We were walking. I wanted to show her one of the trails I walk on a regular basis, the one where I had been spotting wild finches , the red breasted robins and if I was lucky the occasional hawk and egret. While on our walk we spotted the trees that had started to bloom, we both agreed that a photo was called for since I actually had my camera with me.

 After our brief stop we headed down the trail .....  We were in search of the finches that normally swarm just past the first bend and for the first time in weeks, there was only a couple. A bit deflated we continued on. As we did so,  we spotted something on the hill that had never been there before. We thought what we were seeing was cows, lots of them. But the closer we got we knew instantly that it was not cows, but an entire flock, perhaps two or three ( how many are in a flock??) of sheep. Every color, size , no wool, and heavy laden in it. We just stopped and were delighted. The two of us loving nature, me being a former farm girl...this made up for not seeing the birds...I know we are an odd pair. I of course had to snap off a couple of photos.... Yep, right in the middle of the burbs, was memories of where I grew up and I was in heaven! We both agreed we could stand there all day and just watch. There was babies and we of course were all over that with the "how cute" comments. We were not sure how much the people living there were enjoying their new neighbors, but we certainly were!! But, after awhile it was time to move on, not before snapping a couple more photos though......
Second day  in a row, spotted a jack rabbit!Not sure he liked his new neighbors either.

Wild Mustard bright and cheerful
We finally reached the end of the trail and was back on the side walk walking towards our destination....taking photos of more signs of spring ...    We finally reached our first destination, Starbucks. I am not usually a Starbucks girl, but a dear friend sent a gift card, and well this was perfect as I was finally able to treat my daughter, instead of the other way around. Iced skinny lattes in hand and a cheese danish to share....
Had to have proof that I did indeed use the GC, oh and another friend wanted to see the sweater LOL
Then once we had stopped the grumble in our stomachs it was time to go to the Farmers Market, our real destination for the day! I had not been in months, both lack of money and timing just never worked out. But I know from when I did the original post, it was so fun to go and chat with everyone and take photos of all the wonderful things ours had to offer.   As we got closer, we noticed it was a lot smaller than it is in the Spring, Summer and early Fall, but there was a few regular vendors. It was time to explore!!! There was still a really good selection of yumminess! There was kettle corn, Rebecca HAD to have a bag. There was pizza, stone fired if you were ready for lunch, breads and cookies...we had to sample those....There was spices from the spice lady, fresh oranges and mandarins, eggs, cabbage and kales. Rebecca even found dog treats to buy for her dog. Here is just a visual sample of the offerings!

I was raised on eggs like these, nothing like it!

mmmm samples!

These two great guys were eager to take a photo and share their produce as well! I got a free Mandarin !

Sweet juicy oranges!!

Just love the colors of this cabbage!
I do love blood oranges. In a Mimosa the juice is divine

Welp, iced latte empty, time to go!
I do hope you enjoyed sharing my lovely morning with me ! I also hope I have once again, as I did the last time to seek out your own local farmers markets ( As the weather allows , as I know many of you will have to wait till Spring!) and support your local farmer.


  1. I love farmer's markets! Unfortunately, our markets only run from late May until end of October. Seeing these pictures makes me wish for spring!

  2. What a wonderful day! Oh, how I would love to take a long, long walk outdoors and see signs of spring. Ah, well.... soon, soon. So glad you enjoyed yourself! Thanks for sharing the photos.

  3. That looks like an awesome time!! I love the Farmer's Market. said sometimes you see Egrets...I've been seeing them a lot lately and the other day I slowed the car down to get a good look at one fairly close. He was shaking his head...when I looked close, he had a field mouse and was killin' it! LOL ew.

  4. Looks perfect! and LOVE the sweater! :)


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