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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thanks Oprah

I wanted to do this blog yesterday. My award took it's place, again so um, honored. Did yall guess what the truth amongst the lies was ? I made it really easy! Seriously, I did. But now onto today's blog. I wanted to thank Oprah. Feel I have to. It is only right. Ok before you get too excited, sadly Oprah has not contacted me or given me anything. I can still dream that will happen. She does say not to give up on dreams!

As you know I listed her recently as a person, among many that inspire me in my life. She does so each and every day. I have spent my adult life with Oprah. Well via the tv, movie theater, in print via books and her magazine, most recently quite a bit on the good old Twitter and Facebook.  Yep, I have become an Oprah super fan of sorts!
 I am inspired by her personal history and climb to where she is today. I am inspired by her heart, soul and spirit. I am inspired by what she does for others the world over and I am inspired by her words...she is my favorite person to quote quite often.

“Breathe. Let go. And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.”
* Link to other great quotes

I must admit there is times when I took breaks from any of the above, but she never ceased to inspire me, and I always ended up coming back. Now most recently of course she has drawn me in again with her OWN network and the shows that are scheduled to soon appear. I know she will not personally be on them , but I know they will indeed have her stamp on them and so will in turn lead me to be further inspired and enlightened and become open to new things and way of thinking about the world around me. I feel that is always a worthwhile thing, no matter how many times people tease me about being a couch potato! Hey I am learning something, laughing, crying, and well being inspired to be more positive, and pro-active in my life to make things better, it all works towards my own personal happiness project.

What motivated me to write this post was the February issue of "O" Magazine. I knew the moment I saw the cover that I was willing to give up a weeks worth of coffee out to buy an issue. I do not subscribe, both because I can not afford it, but I run very hot and cold with printed publications. I have always received newsletters though from the magazine and so often read many of the articles, not all I will admit, but many...till this issue, I have read it cover to cover....TWICE! I never do that with a magazine, I always read a few things, look at photos and set it aside...another reason I stopped buying magazines when money got tight.  What was so special about this issue? What was the draw...well here it is , let's see if you can spot it!
 Bet you got it right off the bat! It is the whole cover!! You all know that I have many dreams. One pretty major one, the gift of a new smile (teeth) and dental care as well. But pretty much everything on the cover matches what I need, want, dream of and am working towards or helping my husband and family work towards. As I flipped through the pages, it was like a renewal for my faith,hope and my motivation to work even harder to turn my life, my spirit, even my soul around. Who would not want to thank someone for that?? 

I was so moved and motivated by this issue that I actually wrote the editors, posted all over the place via Twitter and Facebook how wonderful this issue is. And if you look to your right , I added the links to Oprah and her producers under my plea for help with achieving my number one dream! Not only all that, but talk about a lot of great things to clip and put in my inspiration book that I look at daily and add things to...things I want to manifest in my life on one level or another. I wrote quotes down in my journal, shared them on Twitter and FB....I can not even express how timely this issue was.

The day I bought the issue, it had been a week of massive physical pain and the dental pain was off the charts. that was dampening my happiness, spirit and self esteem on every level , making me say " who cares??" I truly did not, AND did not think anyone else cared and I was doubtful on everything I was trying to do in my life and for my life.  I had hit a very low spot. I saw what her magazine was supposed to be for February and as I said decided I HAD to have it! So glad I could come up with the cost of the issue...yes things are that bad...I will never, ever regret that decision. So I had to thank Oprah for opening my heart to my dreams again and forcing my mind to follow. "What I know for sure ( always the last page of her issues) , is that if I had not bought the issue of the magazine, the spiral down might have lasted a heck of a lot longer!! " Thanks Oprah

"The thrill is to keep envisioning what can be."  
Oprah.What I Know For Sure, Feb.2011 issue of "O"

 Here is Oprah talking about the power of prayer, and focusing on what you want in life and making it happen:


  1. She's 100% right. You have to dream and then move everything in your life towards that dream. So, hang in there

    Come visit when you can and check out this old lady's newest vlog!

  2. Ok, Ruby...I adore you!! I do and I just KNOW you are going to get help. I KNOW it. I am praying for you.

    My daughter and I almost bought this issue...but didn't...I am off to buy it right this instant.

    I have a neat Oprah story...maybe I'll share in my blog soon. Love her!!

    Happy day to you!!!!!

  3. Oprah does have a certain power, doesn't she? The force of Oprah! So glad you are feeling inspired and renewed.


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