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Friday, April 29, 2011

An Afternoon in Photos....

Yesterday we were fortunate enough to have a rare day in many ways. My husband had received a bonus from work and along with getting me some things I was much in need of , as I shared the other day, he also treated for an afternoon out, and we took our two youngest daughters with us. We window shopped at IKEA where I day dreamed over all the new pink items and how I would love to decorate my bedroom with the rose covered bedding and then afterwards we went to one of our favorite places, that we had not been able to afford in a very long time, the ship, The Delta King, that sits on the Sacramento River where we love to sit, soak in the sun and dine on their cheese plate and sip on wine and bubbly. Thought I would share with you the afternoon in photos.

Enjoying the day....

wind and all.

Me and hubby.

So happy to finally be able to wear my navy suit. Have had it for two years w/tags on!

Hubby always makes me laugh!

Waiting for our refreshments ...

This is the view.

Our daughter Rebecca

Rebecca and younger sister Angel

Angel relaxing after a few stressful days in her life.

Bread, cheese and bubbly arrive!

Such a lovely presentation...


So happy to have this much needed, relaxing time.


just adore refreshing!

"Snuggle time."
Could not resist stepping onto the caboose down the street, had taken a pic there 10 pounds heavier...wanted a redo.

Just gotta love wind, the faux of styled hair.

Til next we see each other again.....


  1. You look beautiful : ) What a fun day...

  2. Looks like such a fabulous day!! You look great, dear!!!

  3. Looking gorgeous there doll! Adore your pop of pink! Those shoes are sublime!

  4. Marvelous! What a good-looking family. (But of course, it was the drinkies in the sun that truly won me over). Glad you had such a wonderful day. You deserve it.

  5. hah ohh becky's face is funny!! wish i could have been there :(

  6. What a great day and, with that bubbly, bet you made lots of happy memories. You look great in that suit.


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