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Monday, May 30, 2011

Blogger Silence , Day Of Prayer

Today there will be no blog. It will be a day of silence for me, a day of prayer for all the hundreds/thousands really effected by the devastation from the tornadoes across our country. I have friends and family that live those areas. It is a blessing that they have not been effected. Please keep them and everyone in prayer every time you think of reading a blog or posting your own, posting on Twitter or Facebook.  Or join myself for the day and link in to Flip Flops & Pearls who will be social network silent for the week.

Joplin, MO.

 Click button to link up and spread the it for a day or a week...there is a week long banner on Flip Flop & Pearls blog site.


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  1. So very very sad the devastation that we simply cannot even imagine. What a perfect post to remind us, Ruby. xoxo


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