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Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Sunday Stroll

We finally had a beautiful Spring day after several days of cold, gloomy and windy ...even rainy weather. So being that my dearest hubby was working for a few hours because of the holiday weekend, I decided to take a stroll to get back into walking again after a break for the past several days.  Thought I would share through photos my day.
The view from the bridge near our apartment....walk by this several times a week. There is swallows there now, red wing black birds, and often you see ducks and geese...even a beaver if you are lucky.

California Poppy's

The Roseville Galleria ..just about 1/2 mile to go to the entrance....

nearly there...I love this portion of sidewalk..peaceful even with traffic zooming by!

My destination..the goal nude toned seamed stockings...I found them. Normally this place is out of my Kmart/WalMart budget, but they have the best selection of hosiery and the prices are not too bad on the store brand. I also spritzed myself with Dior as a gentleman played piano....felt so upscale.

After some brief shopping at the galleria at some of the other shops there, I headed for The Fountains....

Took a seat and enjoyed the sounds of the fountains as well as the 40's music that was wafting through the air...

people watching....

enjoying the roses and other flowers near by...

across the drive from my fav store Anthropologie....
and eating my snack/lunch of Mimolette cheese, heart crackers, almonds and an orange ( already munched on latter two) and sipping my lemon sparkling water.

...just enjoying the sun, birds singing and the sounds of "Someone To Watch Over me..."

Of course I had to pop into Anthro and dream shop....

One of my favorites!

This is nice too!

Love the pop of yellow with the navy

Of course I adore pink too!

Still hoping ....

Then it was on to Zgallerie, and my favorite corner of the store....

of course this is a close second!

I adore our daughters art...but am very fond of these!

This one too! So romantic!

Back outside...

Beautiful! Like Sunshine on a stem!

The actual fountains that dance to music.

Dessert time...gelato in the flavors of rose and zambaione

More people watching and soaking in the surroundings.

Then I popped into Sur La Tab to see if my coveted " I wants " for the kitchen were there....well they were , but not on sale yet....So I got a free cappuccino made for me, and sipped it while I strolled around the store....

I would adore having these....

and these...

OH! and this!

Of course I need a pom frites holder!

And a shiny new toast holder as well !

This would be very cute for my hubby's oil and balsamic
So that was my bit of window shopping while I was out for a Sunday stroll....then it was time to head home.....

Finally, there was nowhere to be.
She wrapped herself in a lilac shaw 
as soft as mimosa flowers
and sat back 
enjoying the view 
from her favorite chair.
* from a tag on a scent at Anthropologie


  1. How lucky to live within walking distance of so much fabulous shopping. I would have loved to have tagged along with you.

  2. @Jackie Would have loved to have you there too!

  3. Ruby, great post! I just literally gasped OMG! I went to Anthropologie today and also fell in love with that black & white dress with the pink belt. Very Audrey! One of my favorite stores as well. Have a great holiday hun!

  4. Wow! I felt I was on that walk with you. Such gorgeous shops; I felt so jealous. I just loved the measuring spoons you held up. So pleased you got to have your gelato in the end also; it was certainly well-deserved.

  5. OK, so I've been envying your California climate for some time now. But do you actually mean to tell me that Anthropologie and Nordstrom are BOTH on your REGULAR WALKING ROUTE?

    I am now speechless with envy. It's a good thing you are too nice to resent. :)


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