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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rainy Day Tea Time Treat

Today is supposed to be the unofficial first day of the Summer season...( official day is of course nearly month away) but apparently Mother Nature did not get the memo. It is barely 50 degrees out, gray, breezey windy, and rain is due. I have not been able to take a decent walk in tow weeks now. Not that I am afraid of the weather, I walked all winter, rain or shine, but I guess I am just simply not motivated to walk in this gloom...even as I see my scale numbers climb a bit and my mood dip because of both. So what do I do when both happens? BAKE. I know, I know that will not help my waistline, but it will help my mood. So thought I would share what recently has become my favorite, quick to make goodie. How does something using pie crust, raspberry jam and pecans sound? OH and of course a touch of cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar. 
I originally found this recipe in a Woman's Day or Family Circle magazine, but found it so very easy that I tossed the recipe and just go for it. I eye ball all ingredients and plan to even play with it.My daughters boyfriend can not have nuts so have considered pine nuts, toasted of course. I have also considered smearing some whipped cream cheese down then adding the rest of the items ...can you imagine?? Anyway, let us get started.

So first, gather all the goodies you will need......Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
1 fridge pie crust
1/4 cup chosen nuts. I use pecans, bought in the bulk section...cheaper that way
sugar free raspberry jam, or other chosen flavor. could even see apple or pumpkin butter!!
cinnamon and sugar with a dash of fresh grated nutmeg ( always trumps pre-grated)
some raw sugar...optional, but I love it sprinkled on outside before baking...adds sparkle and crunch.
photos are from when hubby used recipe, plus my added items of nutmeg and raw sugar.
I use a pie silpat to assemble...saves mess on counter.

See there was a recipe *giggle*

on counter or pad sprinkle sugar, cinnamon ( or you can pre-mix in bowl then sprinkle) grate some nutmeg to taste over them.

lay down pie crust and pat down so sugar and spice stick to it. I like to flip it over so they are on both sides.

spread jam over the pie dough...

sprinkle the nuts....I like more than this...hubby added what it called for, I made it more solid.

tightly roll dough ,

maybe even press into the sugar and spice mix a bit more....

slice..I baked the two rough ends too...waste not want not...

If you do not have a silpat, then parchment paper works well. Once they are lined up sprinkle with raw sugar for that sweet sparkly crunch....bake until golden brown...about 20 minutes in my oven...would start with that, checking half way through and just keep an eye on them.

not quite as pretty as the photo in the magazine, but so yummy! We eat them warm, they cool quickly so you do not have to wait long.
I suggest you brew a cup/pot of cinnamon tea, though any would go well, even favorite is Cinnamon Stick by Bigelow Teas ...
grab a great tea time book to read....
This is the one I am currently reading....LINK
Then snuggle in and enjoy...You could, if it was sunny and warm where you are make the tea iced with a slice of orange and then eat your goodies out on the porch or patio and read there too! Point is to relax and enjoy!


  1. Hi Ruby
    Well I'm still sticking to my insulin diet of no sugar no carbs.. and now with this post have some awful cravings.. hehehe.. need cinnamon now!!! heheh.. will have to suffice with tea!

    Thanks for popping over to my post.. and have a lovely weekend..ciao xxx Julie


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