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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sharing a Couple Of Treasures....

I simply do not know where my mind wonders off to at times. Absent minded I left my credit card at Nordstroms. I did not even notice it until the next day ( yesterday) till noon. So I called them and luckily they had it waiting for me ( sigh of relief!!) only problem not an ounce of gas in my car! So on went the walking shoes, I bundled up to fight the high winds that were blowing the latest of unseasonable storms in and set out. Two miles later and I was there.

I truly do not care for the mall. Oh I adore the shops, drooling ( in a lady like, discrete way) at the windows of Tiffanys , Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Swarovski, and so many other wonderful, dream making stores...of course my budget is more Forever 21 to JC Pennies ( and only sale items) ...I adore shopping's simply the crowds I dislike. But I braved them and even stopped for a bit to eat, though I did sit outside, even with the weather, for a bit of quietness. Then I headed back for the walk home, fighting the wind the whole way. I decided to pop into the local Goodwill, they were having their 50% off sale. I knew that there would be a mad house inside, but braved it anyway. I am so very glad that I did!! I found a couple of treasures....take a look....

My first treasure....bought for 3.00! Only a slightly tattered netting, otherwise perfect.It is hard to tell, but there is a nice sculpted front. It fits like a dream and one day I shall post a photo of myself wearing it.

One of the best parts for me!

This is the second treasure...also 3.00! In near perfect condition...even the zipper works! I adore the creamy color of the beading!

How about that name??? "Swine" hmmmm
 So while I was taking photos of my two treasures, thought I would post my other beaded bag, and a few treasures. The bag below belonged to my Mom and she gifted it to me years ago and normally I have it safely tucked away, I recently decided to display pretty!
 This is my shelving that my daughter Rebecca's friend gave her, and then she painted in my favorite shade of teal and gave to me! It still needs new knobs, and I think I have found some lovely ones in pale pink I want to replace my blue bedding and sheers in my room with pinks , it will help tie it in. Living in a small apartment, one has to use all the ways they can for I store both my towels and bedding on this, hang my hat I wear walking off it. often my robe, and in the drawers are my magazines and my headbands.
It has lovely detail on the was a store display.

I use Dollar Store trays to hold my special day of course I would like real silver trays.

My small perfume,

Eau De Toilette,

 and cologne collection

The larger vase belonged to my Great, great Grandmother, the mini my Great Grandmother and the glass heart is from my Grandparents 50's wedding anniversary present from myself to them. It has survived many years and moves...and though one wing is broken, it still holds such memories to me. ...such treasures in themselves.

So as you can see the walk, the braving the weather and the crowds on a holiday weekend at the Galleria , was so very worth it! 

Now a special announcement...head over to my friend Kori's blog Blonde Episodes , she is having a great contest for her followers! Oh and do be sure to check out her book on Amazon!!! 


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  1. Oooh, your pretties are all soo lovely!!! I love that teal shelving chic! and that scarf is gorgeous. Even the pillow are sooo pretty! Your porcelain vases are tres beautiful!! :)


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