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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Happiness Project Continues...

"I created this happiness by choice. "♥ Oprah
So it is June 1st, that means it is time for a Happiness update. But first let me go over last months "assignments" .....
  1. Find more fun.
  2. Take time to be silly
  3. Go off the path
  4. Start a collection

So how did I do?? I think I did pretty good. This was a few things I could wrap myself around and accomplish. Hubby and I did indeed find more fun, from having a Mother's Day Pink Party to going to new wine tasting rooms and seeking out new to us local attractions to see ( rain or shine ) , indeed we did find more time for fun.

Sparkly served with cheese...a lovely time spent on a boat on a local river.

Pink Party with my lovely daughters.

Railroad Museum

Wine tasting room we recently visited.
Taking time to be silly, well if you actually knew me, I am not a real silly person, that is my husbands I always seem to fail on this account. I did try from time to time, but I think it is not in my DNA.....
Hubby has no issues. LOL

Go off the path...this is the think outside the box, explore new areas, new ways of thinking section, and I have been doing my best to do that. Been trying new foods, we have been driving down roads we have never been on, been following new types of blogs and even ordered books that I normally would not's a journey that will continue past this past month. Never been one to 100% color within the lines.
Sometimes going off the beaten path is great fun! 

Start a collection. Well that is harder. With a limited budget and a small apartment with limited space for collections I was hesitant to start a new one. But I have indeed. I decided on Perfume's and girly things. So if you read yesterday I bought a beaded clutch and a beautiful hat...but this past month I also bought new accessories ( earrings and rings etc.) and yes a new scent or two....

The beginning of my "girly" collection.
So there is how I did this past month of May. Now onto June....
Make Time For Friends
I do dream of having so many wonderful gal pals...but feel blessed by my wonderful online pals, they truly get me through each day, good or bad.

  1. Remember birthdays
  2. Be generous
  3. Show up 
  4. Don't Gossip 
  5. Make three new friends 

I have always been good at remembering birthday's, so have that covered...even been adding to my calender all month long of Twitter friends birthdays. So a bit ahead of it all. 
Be generous. I was raised around my Grandpa, on my Father's side and his brother. They were generous to a fault. They would give their shirt off their back and their last bite of food if it was called for. I am this way. Always have been. I love to receive gifts and niceties, and yet when it happens I have a hard time accepting...just a bit whonky right? To me it is more natural to be a giver. I am generous with all that I have, from my heart to physical items. So once again this shall be easy to manage.

Show up. Having not read the chapter just yet, not sure what this is about. But thinking just show up emotionally for people. I do my best with that, but there are days when my fibro is acting up I am rather a recluse and it is hard to be there for anyone. This section will have to be a wait and see what it really is all about. 

Don't gossip. Hmmm, well there was a time when I had a few people in my life that drove me nuts, and so after time spent with them I would at night, with my hubby gossip...I am human. I did hate that about myself, and have worked on it over the years. But for the most part I truly do not have anyone or thing to gossip about. So thinking this does not and will not come into play. If I do speak of anyone it is normally in the positive manner...well ok truth time...if it is family there are times when it is the opposite...but then, as I said I am human.

Make three new friends....I live a very isolated life since moving back to California. I have so many wonderful online friends and I make new ones daily at times. I have no problems being outgoing with store clerks, people at wineries we go to, but I have yet to make a single friend here. I have tried. Most of the ladies I have met are not into the same things as I am. They hate to shop, they are not into just people watching, they are not into the same books, same fashion, other words we do not mesh. They have all been wonderful, but each one I have met as I said we have nothing in common, then add in that they work, I can not, many have young kids, mine are grown, they love many physical activities, I can only really just walk because of my fibro....the list goes on and on....then throw in that I often do not drive between pain and also lack of gas in my car ( choosing to spend the money elsewhere) , and I am not a club joining, church going, class taking sort of gal and well it makes it very, very hard. I think that is why I gravitate to the online community where I have found so many kindred spirits, of course not a single one lives close by. Just my luck. I remain faithful that one day I shall meet someone with whom I mesh, that lives close and is not related ( though I love my family and time spent). It has happened in the past. When we lived in our home town, also here in California, I had many friends, but then again I attended a small country church and worked....made it easy. Then in Texas I made many wonderful friends, but admittedly they were mostly seniors that I walked with LOL ... so only really shared a joy of walking, having a chat about books/life over coffee and going out to eat or a movie now and again...simple life things...I also felt a kindred connection with them as I have always felt I was born in the wrong era. So, not entirely sure I will master this assignment in my day to day, in person life, but, certainly will not have an issue on line. 

So there is how I see June going in this year long (life long)  project....over all though, for the six month point, I truly think it has been a positive and productive journey. I still have a very long way to go. I had a period of back sliding this past Winter. Between the pain, the isolation, the stress and gloomy weather effecting my mood I tumbled back down in a very bad way. I am hoping that as I continue with this journey, through the Summer and Fall I will be better equipped to handle Winter when it rolls around again. I want to be able to create happiness in my life, my mind, heart and soul that will override any influences weather, fiances, or health has to throw at me.

Are you facing stumbling blocks on a journey in your life? I would love to hear about them, maybe we can lean on each other, help each other and help each other soar above them. Leave me a message or email me and let's face it together!!!


  1. Oh, Ruby, I love your lists! I am going to join you with the no-gossip rule. I don't really gossip much, but sometimes I just have to get things out of my chest and so I do... Then I feel horrible... So, no more gossiping. :)

    You know, it's not really a list thing for me, but a few months ago I decided to treat myself to a new book or two every month and it's been so wonderful. I buy them from amazon and ebay and sometimes I am lucky to find out of print books or just great deals. It's always so nice to read them in bed at night.

    Wihing you a wonderful day, darling!


  2. @LittleRus Thanks. Not my list, but from the book actually. Gives me wonderful guidelines!!

  3. Hi Ruby! I loved how you chronicled your list here. I think you are doing a great job accomplishing one at a time. This was very inspiring to read. Good luck in June my dear!


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