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Monday, May 9, 2011

Pink For Mother's Day

Yesterday two of my three daughters came over for a "pink party" . We each wore pink in way or another. We had whoopie pies that were pink, one with a honey cream filling, and then the other was with  butterscotch and chocolate filling. We had berries with creme fraiche that had a strawberry champagne sauce mixed in. There was goat cheese with apple slices tea sandwiches on pumpernickel and of course we had a Cupcake Cocktail that was very pink. ( recipe at end of post) . We had such a wonderful time and I wanted to share with with my readers, as well as my friends and family. Hope you enjoy!

Surprise flowers delivery from my oldest daughter.

Our feast awaits myself , daughter Rebecca in the pink sweater, and Angel in the dress.

Catching up


The cocktail with cherries and confetti candies bouncing around! 
Youngest, Angel, thinking about???

Who me?

Caught in the act by her older sister who had the camera, being silly.
I was caught in the act of having my second Cupcake Cocktail...well it was Mother's Day!

Present time!"OOHing" over the card!!

The card my talented Daughter Rebecca drew for me of Louise Brooks from a photo she found.


Too chic note cards. Need to buy stamps to send notes to my pals !

Close up of cards. Might frame a couple for above my desk.

Close up of card . It came with a certificate for a winery tour, a fresco lunch and a bottle of wine. Sounds like a Day trip is in our future!

One excited! This was a surprise!

 I am over the moon about this pencil drawing Rebecca did for me!!

Now it hangs behind me in the hall where my desk is and I can see it from the couch in the Living room!
Of course I had my daughter take a few shots of my outfit for my Pintrest page.

I look so tan in these the California girl I am ...but really not that dark.

Close up.

Noticed you could not see my hair pin, or cute Hello Kitty ring, so did a close up.

Love these shoes! They are so comfy!
So there you have it. My Pink Party for Mother's Day. Hope you enjoyed the photo journey as much as we enjoyed having our little get together! Something tells me when my birthday rolls around we will have to do this again...hmmm will need a new pink outfit! Now here is the cocktail recipe I promised you! 


pink sprinkle sugar
1/2 ounce of butterscotch Schnapps  or other brand of liqueur in butterscotch flavor 
1/2 ounce vanilla bean simple syrup (recipe for that follows)
1Tsp Maraschino cherry juice
3 cherries
  confetti cupcake sprinkles
sparkling wine or Champagne 
wet rim of glass in butterscotch Schnapps or simple syrup
combine Schnapps , cherry juice, cherries and large confetti sprinkles
top with bubbly stir gently 
*Vanilla Simple Syrup 
1/2 cup of sugar
1/2 cup of water
1 whole vanilla bean, seeds scraped out
combine all, in sauce pan 
boil, stirring on occassion
let sit one hour to cool
store in clean bottle.
*We bought premade Vanilla Bean Simple Syrup at the gourmet grocery store


  1. looks awesome :D im glad my flowers went with it..and tell angel to stay away :p
    that would be fun to do it again for your bday or do red instead of pink

  2. How lovely being spoiled for a day :)! A pink party & cupcake cocktails, what more could a mother ask for? Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  3. nope no pink change it up a lil


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