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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Semi Wordless Wednesday


Been a bit under the weather the last few days, often life takes a lot out of me, even when it is the normal activities for others.However I did not want to skip a post again. Thought I would try something new and participate in a Semi Wordless Wednesday link up party. Hard for me to go totally wordless, so this is as good as it gets. Thought I would share what I was able to afford yesterday. It's been a year since I was able to buy any make up past a 1.00-8.00 was harder than I thought to allow myself shop therapy after the hard times we have lived through. I think I did pretty good LOL We will chat again soon.

Beautiful scarf and some basics
Hope you will go check out the other blogs participating.....and also do something nice for yourself, no matter how big or small it is....allow yourself the faith that it is ok to do so.


  1. That scarf is gorgeous. I love roses!

  2. @Sonia As do I. I bought it at World Market/Cost plus 12.99! It is not silk, but still so pretty!

  3. Great finds Ruby honey! So glad you could link up today! Kori xoxo

  4. The scarf is so beautiful! And you picked some of the cutest make-up things ever! Love the packaging. :) Sending you smiles, hugs and sunshine! Hope tomorrow is better that today and a day after tomorrow is simply fabulous. x

  5. @Kori Donahue I even got a mini make over, felt so pretty! And thank you. Think from now on I will be a regular. Gives me a for sure Wednesday!

  6. @Little Rus benefit is one of my fav cosmetic lines ever! Great products and the fun packaging is a bonus! Yes, for the scarf I put so many things back on the shelf to have. Will pair with a LBD

  7. The scarf is beautiful.
    Scarves are a favourite of mine to brighten or smarten up an outfit. My favourite has a peacock pattern.

    I don't have a flowery one yet, but you have inspired me to look one out.

    Coming to you from the WW and now following


  8. @Dizzy C Oh I LOVE peacocks! Now you have inspired me! Thanks for following!

  9. Thank you for the sweet note on my blog, love! Glad you enjoyed the scattered projects hehe!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE badgal lash. It's my fav dept store mascara - I just recently splurged and got the Sephora brand mascara and I really like it too!

    hope you have a fantastic day!!! <3<3

  10. @Jacqueline My hubby actually picked out the mascara for me! I had to exchange for the regular formula, as he got waterproof, but the fact that he knew it was my fav, now that is love!

  11. Oh yay!!!!! I am so glad you treated yourself to some goodies!

    I hope you enjoy them, you are worth it sweetie:)

    Have a blessed day-

  12. WOW it is back LOL right after I redid it on another post LOL Ok, well all the comments are gone so ....if you land here, feel free to add more LOL


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