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Monday, June 6, 2011

Dear Ellen ...

This week over on The Shine Project , Ashley is posting about a healthy life and lifestyle. Living with fibromyalgia, arthritis, fibroids, as well as iron anemia on a daily basis and for a huge bulk of my life, it is very important to me to eat as healthy as I can ( I do falter as I have a sweet tooth and adore carbs) and if you have followed for any amount of time I walk. I walk everywhere, often for many miles. It still hurts, but I do it, daily as weather allows...sometimes twice. There is one major thing that affects my health, my dental health, or lack of it. I will not go into all the details, you can click on the link at the right side( towards bottom....)I give the full story. So why the post? Well let me tell you. 

Sorry not the best pic of Ellen...

 I used to write the Ellen Show all the time. Daily, at times. Posting to Twitter, Facebook too. I would see people getting cars, school paid for, vacations given. Then cash handed over on top of the grand surprises. I thought perhaps, maybe just maybe she and her powers that be would choose my letter, choose me to receive a most wonderful gift, something life changing, a new smile. But as time passed, so did my hopes. I thought maybe her show's producers just thought we were not a good fit. Could not be a money issue, not really. I understood. Her show was different than say Oprah's. So I gave in and gave up writing her and started writing Oprah. My hopes even soared when I heard from Gayle King, and then later was published in the O Magazine in the letters to the editors...I even saw a few blog hits from Chicago and New York...I hoped.... I even made image boards...

Oprah's pic is on the other side *giggle*

When Oprah closed up shop on her show, I rather gave up hopes of her granting my biggest and most important ( to me) dream . I know at some point maybe over on OWN there may be a show or a contest....but really it did feel like a door closing. She always says a new and bigger door will open. I thought, perhaps an older one , one that I had tried before would suddenly become unlocked. So today, inspired by The Shine Project, I wrote into The Ellen Show . I know that the new shows for this season will soon be ending....but maybe producers plan for the new season over the Summer...and maybe if I write in, a lot , maybe just maybe it will push the door open! 

I can not think of anything more important to ones health and healthy lifestyle than a healthy smile. With no insurance, no money to spare for years of co-payments if we were to get funding , it is a daily fear, with painful reminders, that my health is being effected by my teeth. I know poor dental health affects inflammation...causing pain! I truly believe that IF I had a healthy smile much of my fibro pain would either reduce or disappear! Even not having the stress from the pain, appearance and fear of loosing teeth being gone, would then in turn help in pain reduction. I also think my arthritis would diminish as it too is an inflammatory issue. I believe my life would change in so many levels if I had a healthy new smile. 

I know I live with seeing my dearest hubby suffering, though he says not a word about it, with an unhealthy smile, having always put the children, and me before his needs. I would love to see him get a new smile as well....a healthy one. Poor dental health can lead to other health issues, as I mentioned, including death. This goes beyond just a pretty smile or eating chewy and crunchy foods. I know I am not ready to die and or loose my husband. But I do not know how to stop the inevitable. All I know how to do is write. So I am starting up my writing campaign again. You can read about aiding in that in the link at the side of this blog that I mentioned earlier in this post.

I would never ask or beg you all to do that on my behalf. What I do beg you to do is NOT ignore your own dental health or anything dealing with your physical help. Make it a priority today. Work on it, begin with baby steps if you have to. Start with popping on a pair of walking shoes ( I know they are not stylish..hate mine LOL) and get moving. If that is all you can do. Start drinking water, replacing white flour with whole grains, sugar with natural ways to sweeten things. Eat healthy does not have to be boring or without the things you love...moderation. And for goodness sake, do not put other material things above seeing the doctor and the dentist may be the one thing that keeps you from enjoying those material things to their fullest. OH and hop over to The Shine Project and follow her blog during healthy living month and beyond! She will help lead you to shine more in your own life in all ways! I know she has helped me to do so, even if my smile does not shine, my inner light does!


  1. I feel your pain in your post, Ruby. I so hope that something miraculous happens for you and your husband ... wouldn't that just be the most marvelous thing in the world??? Love.

  2. Fingers are always crossed for you. Let's hope things happen over the summer. I try to protect my health but there's lots going on inside that we don't always find out when we should. {{{HUGS}}}

  3. Sending out many prayers for your wishes to be granted. I have struggled w my teeth as well, and have finally got on track to get them back in working order so I know how much this means. Great post, ruby!!!

  4. Sending prayers for you Ruby. I also suffer with iron anemia that can wipe me out for days! (any tips would be so appreciated).
    What I do believe in Ruby are miracles.Keep up the writing Ruby and you just never know when that phone call will come. I really believe so. Just keep focusing on the end result you want, not necessarily how it is going to come to you ;-)


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