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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nursing a Cold....Can One Still Be Glam?

I am still nursing a sleep and coughing is getting the best of me I am afraid. We are finally getting beautiful weather, Spring like and by weeks end it is to be like Summer. But I am more in a resting on the couch sort of mood....


 Instead of my little cotton gown , though it is adorable with it's tiny rosebuds all over , I dream of lounging in the gown above , and snuggling in the robe below....

And of course I would need a wonderful pair of slippers, from Steetzie's High Heel Bunny Slippers !! So hard to decide which pair, but the kitties are so adorable... if they are good enough for Dita Von Teese.. a girl under the weather deserves glam as well!

Of course I would be in the need of tea and perhaps some wonderful chocolates, like those from Shocolaates!

Then I would need reading material...maybe the latest issue of Lucky Magazine ....

or the latest "cozy" style mystery, such as this....

Yes, being under the weather is no fun, but there is no saying you can not add a bit of enjoyment to the bed rest. 

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  1. Thank you Ruby! I love your Blog! xxx

  2. I just took some Laura Childs out of the library. I'm a sucker for a mystery series with a cozy theme!

  3. I agree. Glamour should not stop when night falls or when lounge wear is required. I think it is always important to dress in pearls and silk nightdresses when your lovely husband brings up your daily breakfast tray xx

    1. I had forgotten about this post, seems so long ago. I even eventually got the slippers, grown up bunny slippers, but they are long gone , ruined in one of the moves. I still do not own a lovely dressing gown or robe, so not so glam I am afraid.


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