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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Stylish Sipping in Lodi

 Yesterday my husband and I (despite an oncoming cold)  braved the very odd June weather that consisted of downpours, cold wind and just over all Winter like conditions to drive to Lodi to see our friend Layne Montgomery at m2 Winery . We are members of the wine club, " The Cellar Dwellers"  and for the first time in ever such a long time we were finally able to afford to go to a club pick up and buy our club wines. We always have such a wonderful time when we go, and of course the wine, well to say it is divine is an understatement. The weather put a damper on how many people were in attendance, but not the spirits of anyone there.

We arrived and lucky us the rain started to let up as we got from the car to the inside of m2. We stepped in and were greeted as always with a warm welcome and two glasses. This go round there was to be a wine and food pairing. John Citoli , owner of Harry's Place BBQ and Wine bar ( it will open in Vacaville, CA. in July) . There was six stations in all. All wonderful, both the food and of course the wine. the food ranged from Harry's Own Spicy Chicken Salad paired with the m2 2009 'V2' Verdelho, then there was smoked ribs paired with a 2008 Old Vine Zin and a 2009 Zin . We also sampled the pulled brisket on a french roll with Harry's Sweet BBQ Sauce, which was paired with a 2008 Ridgetop Syrah ....we moved on to a 2009 Tempranillo , 2007 "Trio" which is a Cab/Syrah blend, a 2007 "Row 23" Petite Syrah , rounding out with something that always sends my heart soaring a red dessert wine ( often known as, and now formally known as Port ...there is a treaty between the U.S and the EU banning use of place names to identify wines). Layne still has it in barrel and is playing with it . The 2009 Red Dessert Wine has yet to be named , though because it is a "Ruby" "dessert wine" I think "Ruby Musings" is a wonderful name??? What do you all think? You could write in to Layne at m2 and let him know ! *smiling ever so large, because if I win, I get six bottles!

I did not take too many photos yesterday to share but you can click here   to see and read more about m2, and of course go to the web site to see more, lean more about the wines and even order, they ship to most states!! I, because of my feeling under the weather and barely making it through between a cough, and being just a bit fuzzy with cold meds ( not great with wine..but did take the edge off the body aches...though I do not recommend it ) just was not up to interviewing and photographing . But hubby took a few shots, so thought I would share.

Caught gazing out at the weather, wondering if I would rather stay in.....but I did look Stylish, so...

Showing off the seams ...hubby always loves when I wear them!

Larry Kost of Liberty Industrial ( who also made the m2 sign) made this wonderful display for the Lodi Wine section of a new Costco in Lodi that will now feature three m2 wines!!!

Tasting amongst the barrels.

Great conversations always come about over a great glass, or test tube ( in this case) of wine.

Sipping m2's red dessert wine "Ruby Musings???"

Hubby taking some style shots...hence the title for the blog *smile*

Having a grand old time with our friend Layne , wine maker extraordinaire!!

I just adore Layne...such a well as such a sweetheart!

Well time for me to close here and go nurse my cold...perhaps a mid day glass of m2 to sooth the throat and soul is called for.


  1. You look very glam Ruby!!! Sorry to hear about your cold. The perfect excuse for a glass or three of wine!!!

  2. Darling I just ADORE your outfit. You look so chic and glam, and I love the sleeve details on your jacket. xx Camille @ The Wildfleur

  3. Love this!!!! You look very happy. Ruby, I haven't stopped by in are you doing??

  4. Lovin' the retro look of the outfit! You look marvelous!

  5. this is grand glam, dame!

    however, if it were ME so well-appointed, i can assure you—by the sixth sip, my hat would be cock-eyed, no doubt would have lost one glove, broke the heel off my vintage pumps and ruby red lipstick smeared across my face circa 'Whatever happened to Baby Jane?'...but i too, would be smiling!

    thanks for the window into style and civilized wine tasting...

    :) audrey

  6. #Audrey ...You made me giggle at the vision! Thank you for the comment and thanks for the compliment as well as the giggle!


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