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Saturday, August 6, 2011

"French Lessons"

Sorry I have not posted. Life. When it rains.... you get the idea. Well it put me in a momentary funk. Then this was a week of not a single day out in which was worthy to report upon. Inspiration was at an all time low. Even what should have, such as it being Lucille Ball's 100th birthday...
Happy 100th
 ...or the things that have happened in my life the last few days that may have been an exercise in self therapy. So instead I simply went blog free for a few days. Took time to simply be, play over on Twitter and watch old movies on TCM...Charlie Chaplin does wonders for one's mood. 

reading and watching old films often keep the blues away
 During this time I finished my book I had been sharing tid bits from Bonjour Happiness by Jamie Cat Callan . I truly hated to close the back cover. The last page was called "French Lessons". The author had one of these "lessons" as a way to sum up each and every chapter. The first line on this last page of the book stated this : "HAPPINESS DOES'T COME FROM one giant leap- say, from winning the lottery ( that brings it's own struggles), but rather,happiness comes from taking baby steps that will lead you to your own personal bliss."  

This, like so many things hit home with me. The "lesson" went on to make suggestions as to what the baby steps could be. So simple...things I knew either from other books, advice from friends, and common sense. Why I can not seem to do such for myself to help myself find my very own "JOIE DE VIVRE" is beyond me. I am feel recently I have been doing a good job. Even my husband mentioned something to the effect the other day. My fear is that no matter how good of a start I have when Winter's cold, dark days bring on the seasonal glooms that I shall not be able to hang on to it. I may just have to re-read this book so as to brush up on such things.

So if you are feeling as if you need a good start towards a bit more happiness in your life, or perhaps you desire, because you are a bit of a Francophile to add a touch of being French into your daily life, I highly suggest you go out and purchase this wonderful book, grab a croissant and an espresso or maybe a French Macaron and a glass of bubbly, find a comfy chair, put your feet up, light a candle, turn on some wonderful back ground music ( my fav is 20's jazz) and settle in and in no time you will be finding your saying "Bonjour Happiness" .

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  1. Would love to grab this book and just sit at a nice cafe, sketching away...

    20s,40s & some 70s inspire me always. I love the last photo and want to add that hat to my collection.

  2. Hi sweetie. Sometimes you DO have to just take a break ... life DOES get in the way. Sorry you've been in a funk, I know that's just not fun at all. I bought the book even though I was still trying to finish up one I was already reading. I started the first chapter and took it over to my brother's house last week and LEFT IT THERE! He lives an hour and a half away, so I'll be picking it back up when I've moved. Geesh. It sounds very good. One thing that I did once (and you may already be doing this .. maybe it was suggested in one of the books you read) but I used to keep a Discovery Journal. I bought a big thick journal with solid white pages. It was about 18" tall and a foot wide. I would rip things out of magazines or anything that simply made me feel good. The instructions for the Discovery Journal was not to think as to "why" we loved the image or phrase, but to just know we did and to rip it out and glue it in the book in a hodge-podge way. The act of doing so was so much fun and going through the book always made me feel good. It would be a fun project to do under a sun light during the winter. I bought a sun light once at Walmart that wasn't really expensive, so maybe something simple like that? Sending xoxoxoxo


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