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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Today is my silver wedding anniversary. On this date 25 years ago (1986 for those not wanting to do math) my then sweetie of nearly three years said our "I do's".

The day started off cold and gloomy. Exhaustion from not sleeping, and hunger because my dear Mom forgot we would need to eat before hand is how it began for me. For my hubby it was waking his hung over friends. From the minute upon waking, sipping some tea, nibbling some crackers to calm the nervous belly it was hustle and bustle. My hair dresser had canceled and I had to make the best of a bad perm and even worse cut( it was the 80's) apply my press on nails ( again the 80's) and try not to have a shaky hand upon applying my make up. I pulled on and laced up my corset, clipped my stockings to my garter belt, and finished getting ready. I spent the rest of the morning calming my family and friends who were rushing about in a flurry of excited confusion. 

A few photos were taken, and as preparations soon wound down, the sun broke through the clouds and it was 1:00 p.m. and time for the wedding to begin. I smeared a bit of Vaseline on my ring it would seem the engagement ring was not to budge and I wanted to make sure the band would slip easily on. My brides maids walked down my parents stairs, as we were having a home spun garden wedding on the family property. Then as I heard the first strains of our room-mate singing "The Rose" (ok he did not know any 20's songs...and it was the 80's) my Father and myself walked down the stairs as well.

The sun was now beating down, and I was weak in the knees to say the least, not just because of no food, but of course because the day I had waited and dreamed of was happening.I was over the moon...well I was until the preacher decided to ignore our request at very quick vows, and proceeded to go off on his own agenda. We all did our best to hide anger and dismay at what he had to say; after all what was important was the end result. Soon it was over. Vows said. Kisses. The walk back down the isle under the Liquid Amber trees, up the hand laid brick path and to the reception line. I was a wife.

The reception was as homespun as the location. A friend of my Mother had gotten her daughter to create a picnic style lunch. My God Mom had baked the cake, that was now tilting and melting in the hot August Sun. There was no music as our friends got a paying gig. My dear departed Mother In Law was going around asking if I was pregnant and said that was how I snagged her son ( I was, but we had found out well after wedding date was set) and mini fights erupted over the saying so. My Grandmother In Law was telling me how to sit, and well let us just say the list went on and on...I later found out the photographer was late, had the wrong time, and more people showed up than that were expected so not enough chairs. Upon looking back at it all now it was comical in a very tragic way, but the most important thing was I was now Mrs. Robert Feldman. 

We made it through the day, and departed to our shared home with some friends. We got in comfy clothing, and I stripped off the nails, the lashes and even wiped my face clean of make up. We got in our car and drove to Los Angeles, four hours away from home, and checked into the hotel we were to stay in for a night before departing on our honeymoon. We were so starving, having not even been able to eat much, and only really eating one bite of cake,so we went to a Denny's and ordered a ton of food and had our wedding eve meal. Hawaii bound the next day, we started our life. So hard to believe it was 25 years ago, yet also seems like a lifetime.
Life has not always been easy. It has been a rough one. Filled with heartache, money struggles, raising three daughters, one of them needing extra care on so many levels, only really keeping a roof over our head with help from my family. Several moves, many losses, including my health early on with the onset of my third pregnancy being the trigger. Though there was times we fell in and out of love, at times not being on the best of terms, over and over again we came together, as a couple, as a team, and we never truly gave up or in and are stronger for it. Hubby is my best friend, and I am his. Or relationship has evolved, and it may not be perfect, it may not be ideal, it is one we are in together for life. I can hardly wait to see what the next 25 years brings...hoping a chance to do it again with my sweetie and get better photos and have less mishaps.

A few photos, had to snap off pics from was pre-computer files time.
Our wedding album...just another thing that slightly went was to be pinks.

The invite, RSVP & announcement.

The morning of in my parents living room. Doing my best to stay calm.

The decent, with my Father and the bridal party. Potted plants still in the ugly green pots lined the brick path, along with dead weeds  *sigh*

The pastor droned on and on....You can see I was not happy with that!

The kiss.That I was happy with! *giggle*

The cake, melting in the hot mid day sun, our cake topper..still it was made with love, and there was pink!

I am not fond of our photos of them were great, the bad perm/hair color /style, the bloating from being a couple weeks along, and always someone in the background...but I was truly over the moon happy to be married.

My favorite photos in whole album.

Just relaxing, a moment to breathe.

My handsome sweetheart.

Cutting the cake before it fell over.

The only bite we had of it...the cake we saved and tried to eat off a year later had freezer burn.

No worries, it was sparkling apple cider.
My cheeky hubby! That is the bow bouquet in his hand.

Quiet moments.

The wedding party. I had bought and hand dyed those dresses ...I was so proud of that fact.The perfect shade of pink.

Nearing the end of the day...time to toss the garter then the bridal bouquet.

My head dress and gloves still adorn my dresser. A reminder not off all the things that went wrong, but what went right. I hope one day to wear them again for a renewal ceremony.
Hubby and myself happy together, 25 years strong.


  1. Lovely! Happy's to another 25! Cheers and


  2. Congratulations! 25 years is an amazing achievement. You look amazing on your wedding. So completely eighties but in a very trendy non meringue way. I love it! xx

  3. I agree. still lovely, dad's hair cracks me up though.. thats when he still had some :D

  4. Beautiful post! to another 25 plus years!!! Happy Anniversary ... xo HHL

  5. Happy Aniversary! Here's to love that stays! xo.

  6. Happy Anniversary! Sorry I'm late to the party but had some things that needed to get done and didn't do too much online. So proud of you both. What an achievement. Here's to many, many, more years of togetherness and looking forward to the picture of your back under the headdress and renewing your vows!


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