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Friday, February 24, 2012

Fanciful Fridays

Day Dreams of Spring 

Since Monday's are so very serious here in my corner of the blog world, the desire to post delightfully light and fanciful posts on Fridays are very strong. So by suggestion from a dearheart of a friend, today's post is to be just simply images circa early 1900's that speak of Spring to me. 

I have always had a love of beautiful images. Even before Pinterest came to be where I can collect images to my hearts content, I have kept scrap books, collected art ( now mainly that created by my lovely daughter Rebecca), coffee table books and a computer file full of images that make my heart soar. Life can often be void of beauty,or at least go unnoticed, especially when hit with hard times or bad health such as my life has been, so to be able to just flip through my books or click on a blog or a board of pins often will often reopen my eyes; remind me that beauty is all around.

Spring is one of my all time favorite seasons. The colors, the beautiful flowers, the scent that wafts on warm breezes the song birds high up in the trees, or the buzz of humming birds and bees...they all make my heart beat a bit faster and put a little pep in my step. Oh now do not get me wrong, there are delights to be found in other seasons as well, but nothing for me compares to those that are at every turn once Spring buds bloom. Though it is still a good month away till the official day of Spring on the calender, my little corner of the world has had Spring like weather and trees setting bud and even blooming for nearly two months now...I fear once it is officially Spring on the calender, it is more like Summertime. So I try to embrace it as early as possible! 

Now without further delay lets Spring into Spring! 

Cherry blossom doll!

I often wear my hair in this fashion.

A delightful Mary Pickford...all dressed
for a Sunday stroll perhaps?

I would simply swoon over such a dress to wear!

One day I hope to find a
seamstress that can re-create
such delightful Spring day dresses!

Glorious. That is all I can say!


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