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Monday, February 20, 2012

"Your Windy Mountain Moment"

Royal Proclamation 
"Let it be known from this day forward that I have
conceived, executed, developed, pioneered,
motivated and created an extraordinary life and 
I will speak about myself in a positive way from
this moment on because I am worth it. I give you
permission to admire me even as I take time every 
day to admire myself. So sayeth the Queen." 

As I write this I am sitting in my pajama's again. Another rough, draining night. No make up made it on my face, I was lucky to brush my teeth, oh wait that may or may not have happened, I can not recall. That is life I tell myself as I munch on my "lunch" of candy bar flavored Cherrios. Life is messy, there are days it is a jumbled mess; does not mean I can not still admire myself and the person I am.

You may have noticed I started the blog off with the proclamation...well if you have been following the recent Monday posts. I wanted a good jumping off point for today's post. Needed one to be truthful, as it seems that I have lost a few followers and it was a bit deflating. Here I am writing this series about being the Queen of your own life and I had a moment of feeling like the court jester. I knew in the back of my mind that it is not me. Not everyone is going to stay with the journey, follow my personal path I am taking this blog on. People move on. Not everyone wants to read my deep musings. Some just wish to see pretty photos others only read the daycations and well there has not been any of those recently. Some people just move on for personal reasons or because they are too busy to read and wish to simplify life; rabbit trails....back to the subject at hand. 

So you read the proclamation. Now you are scratching your head and are asking "what the heck does wind and mountains have to do with admiring yourself???" Chapter 4 in the book The Queen Of Your Own Life is actually titled "Admire Yourself For Who You've Become...or Your Windy Mountain Moment". Wala, that is how it all ties together. Still a bit baffled? Ok, well we have learned to see ourselves as beautiful (at least we are trying right?) we have cleaned out our mental closets, fought the "Mongol Hoardes", or perhaps you are still fighting that battle, and that is ok, from what I read on the blogs from our dear authors Cindy and Kathy, so are they. We all need to keep that crown dusted, but just like our homes we dust things and it resettles again right? In a way that leads me back to life for me today and it being messy and how THAT ties into the post today.

One of my favorite passages in the entire book comes in the second paragraph of chapter 4 after the authors tell us that "...with a clean closet, it's time to claim the next gift-admiring yourself for who you've become." here it goes; you will see the connection I think....

"Remember the old analogy of life being a tapestry? We be-
lieve that's true, but we think that most of the time we live at 
the back of the tapestry, where it's all mess, with knots and
strings hanging everywhere, and we're just jumping around
trying to avoid the sharp needle that keeps poking through.
It's a rare moment wen we get to step around to the front and take in the beauty of a life well lived." 

Is that not just such a powerful truth? My health issues, our money issues and so many other minor things have made life a bit messy and like that proverbial needle, I have things that poke through that make it even messier from time to time. I could let it make me loose sight of the over all beautiful picture of who I have become or I could stop, breathe, and remember to admire myself. The who and what all those messy threads and strings as well as that darn needle has created me to be; remember to admire myself. I do think that when I realized all that and especially today, when opening the book to read the latest chapter and reading it, I had my very own "Windy Mountain Moment"!

What is a "Windy Mountain Moment" ? According to the authors I hit the nail on the head,"... it is taking that time to stop and look back at where you've come from is an important opportunity for personal insight that we call a Windy Mountain Moment."  What an eye opener right? Well at least it was for me. So I am guessing if you are following this series of posts each Monday, you might be in need of your own moment....maybe just reading this you have had one. Either way as always I urge you to buy a copy of Queen Of Your Own Life and follow along and share with me your journey. 

Think I shall go look in the mirror,  brush my teeth in case I did forget, and put on a bit of lipstick and admire myself on every level! How about you?
"Crown Jewel"
Life is a process of becoming, 
a combination of states we have to go
through. Where people fail is that
they wish to elect a state and remain in it.
This is a kind of death.
Anais Nin 


  1. Ruby, I don't get online much so this was my first time reading your blog. I think it's inspiring how honest you are about very personal feelings. Keep it up! I'm a fan.

  2. Hi Ruby, I agree with the comment before mine you are so inspiring and I am also a fan. Sometimes after reading your blog, I feel like I can do anything. You have a gift with words.

    Thank you for sharing,
    Dee xoxo


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