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Friday, February 17, 2012


Today was a delightful day. My daughter Rebecca, to be wed in June was in need of some Motherly advice, or perhaps just support as she shopped for her underpinnings. You know the lovelies that go under the wedding dress, but that are just as important as the dress itself. 

I had to laugh on the inside and know that the corner of my red painted lips turned up on the corners when I used this term and the twenty somethings looked at me baffled like, just as they did when I said she was in need of a beige and not nude. I was almost unsure of myself at the use of the word until I looked up the definition. Look at the 3rd one down. I was correct.


a system of supports beneath a wall or the like.
Often, underpinnings. a foundation or basis: to uncover theemotional underpinnings of an illness.
underpinnings, Informal .
underwear, especially women's underwear.
the legs.

She treated me to a lovely lunch and even a glass of wine. We dined alfresco and soaked up some early Spring like sun and talked all things girly. From family to weddings and all such subjects in between. Then it was time to tackle the stores. One by one they fell off our list, but soon we were quite lucky and everything fell into place. I am delighted to say she got the bulk of what she needed all in one trip and we departed with her arms full of lovely bags with ribbon handles and filled with pretty tissue paper. She was the very definition of a glowing bride to be. I think even a little rubbed off on me. So in honor of the day's task at hand, I thought I would share a few of my favorite photos dealing with underpinnings. 

On Monday, a new Queenly post.  

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