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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine's Day Gift To You

I do hope you all know
how much I love and adore you all!

Many times it is hard to get through what is my routine day, as I have shared with you all. However the love, support and devotion I have from all of you my readers make it so very much easier! The way you stick around and still read despite the ever changing subject matter that I post here in my corner of the cyber world. Perhaps you do not comment, perhaps you do not read every post, and maybe at times you get far to busy to pay me any mind at all, but for the times that you do any or all of that, makes my heart swell and soar! So though I mentioned not posting but on Monday's and possibly one other day for awhile while life is slow and my health is not doing as well as I would care to even mention above what I have here, I wanted to give you a valentine. So here is a collection of lovely starletts all with a theme of Valentine's Day as well as a song for you from me! 

Clara Bow

How could you refuse her? 

June Marlow 

Katherine Crawford

Sally Rand

I believe this is a young Betty Grable 


  1. Happy Valentine's! Your blog is beautifully and so nicely designed! Yes I love it, your daughter has a good taste! I sure am visiting her place on the web! xx

  2. I'm a little late reading this Ruby, but as always your post was perfect. You are a delight and loved on twitter. I am so glad I bumped into you on twitter. Hope you had a nice Valentine's Day. I love the pic your darling daughter did. What a gift she has. So blessed.

    Hope you are feeling well,
    Dee xoxo


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