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Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Follies

Where ever did the week go? Goodness gracious it just seems to have flown by! In so many ways that is a grand thing for me right now, but in others there are days I love a slower pace. I love a day just filled to the brim with relaxing and non serious en devours. My Mondays here have been so serious, so of course I am due a delight of fancy come Friday are I not?? 

So today, after getting my nails done in a lovely shade of deep, crimson red, my bangs trimmed back to a perfect Louise Blunt cut and having a skirt fitted to me and completed to wear for a venture out to our favorite winery, m2 in Lodi tomorrow,OH! and purchasing a Twitter friend's mystery novel by the name of "Silents" it was time to put a bit of fun and fancy into your day as well. So what better what to do that than with something called "Friday Follies" ? 

I have recently, ok maybe always, obsessed with photos from the turn of the century that basically were and are early forms of pin up photos. Lovely women wearing very little or nothing at all or at times scrumptious lingerie comprised of silk and satin. Beautiful posed, not in a vulgar manner, but in sheer celebration of the womanly human form. For many years my pocket mirror had such a photo on the back of it, a woman lounging on a chaise loosely draped with a sheet of some sort and exposing her breasts. Odd for a young woman to carry, but I thought it was so pretty...and yes a bit shocking. I always did blush a bit when lending it out or using it for myself. But I cherished it. Some of the most famous "pin ups" from the early 1900's was the photos taken on Ziegfeld Folly girls. Each photo was a carefully, artistically posed creation and each one always takes my breath away with the beauty of it.

"Ziegfeld Girls were the chorus girls from Florenz Ziegfeld's theatrical spectaculars known as the Ziegfeld Follies(1907–1931), which were based on the Folies Bergère of Paris.
These showgirls followed on the heels of the "Florodora girls", who had started to "loosen the corset" of the Gibson Girl in the early years of the twentieth century. These beauties, of similar size, decked out in Erté designs, gained many young male admirers and they became objects of popular adoration. Many were persuaded to leave the show to marry, some to men of substantial wealth. The Ziegfeld Ball in New York City continued as a social event of the season for years after the last production of the Follies."
read more here * wikipedia 

There are so many amazing photos if you google the lovely ladies of the Follies that I could fill months of Friday's sharing them. There were many famous starlets of the day that were special guests so to say or even got their start in the Follies. Next week I may focus on those...for now here is a little preview of the ladies....I do hope you enjoy...I tried to keep the nudity at a mere suggestion as I do not wish to offend or have my blog pulled for inappropriate photos. I hope you will see the art and beauty instead of simply seeing scantly clad women.

Barbara Stanwyck

Hazel Forbes

Jean Ackerman

Billie Dove

Can you name this lovely?

Jean Ackerman

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